sassy penguin


Potash asked the Pens who their emergency backup goaltender should be. Just look at how delighted Sid is by the idea that it could be him!

Here’s an incomplete list of things that’ll grab my absolute and undivided attention and probably my undying love if you include them in your fic/writing/comic/whatever:

- enigmatic librarians who are more than what they seem
- books, either magical or normal
- gargantuan libraries. And I mean HUGE
- awesome weapons
- sentient weapons
- women with swords
- women with HUGE SWORDS
- dragons
- lgbtqa+ representation
- power couples
- evil power couples
- evil GAY power couples (CANON ONES!) (This one deserves its own point because I’m garbage)
- sentient shadows
- impossibly horrifying eldritch monstrosities
- fierce smol and collected tol ships
- plague doctors
- necromancy
- big intimidating characters being actually huge lovable softies who could still wreck you
- gods of the setting being relatable and hilarious assholes
- the protag being a sassy little shit
- penguins
- Small child with fuck ton of power
- cool, well-phrased riddles that rhyme - you know the type
- creepy nursery rhymes that subtly relate to the plot
- clever foreshadowing using puns
- human/eldritch monstrosity ships
- regicide (It’s fun!)
- characters having pets/familiars
- steampunk
- shadow manipulation being a thing
- ginger people who like to blow shit up (I love that trope)
- small kid being friends with a huge terrifying thing
- the villain turning out to be a huge fucking nerd
- the villain being kind to their minions but evil towards everyone else
- the villain being in a HEALTHY relationship (no “evil cannot love” nonsense for me. Pining is allowed.) (See: evil power couples.)
- living skeletons
- orcs or goblins etc not being stereotypically evil and savage
- races not being their stereotypes (be original, ffs)
- POC representation (racially diverse casts are gr8, m8)
- clerics being done with everyone’s shit
- no pets dying

The list could go on and on. The point is, I’m a predictable loser so include a few of those in your whatever, and chances are that I’ll love it with my entire predictable heart.

“But god, just notice you’re both looking at the sky”

{photo cred. nevermesswithteddybears}