sassy pascal

The crew of Tangled the Series is putting together quite a team. I think the team is going to jell soon now that Cassandra understands how serious Rapunzel is and Varian knows about the connection between Rapunzel’s hair and the rocks.
Rapunzel: Bubbly, energetic, super-genius, ignorant princess with 70 feet of prehensile, indestructible hair, chameleon sidekick named Pascal.
Pascal: Sassy chameleon, can make fire.
Eugene: Master thief, knows Italian and Spanish, also snarker.
Maximus: Highly intelligent horse, master of disguise, keen sense of smell, very strong.
Cassandra: Lady-in-waiting to Rapunzel, Daughter of the Captain of the Guard, ninja-maid, owl sidekick named Owl.
Owl: Is owl, can carry heavy object short distances.
Varian: Young, mostly effective alchemist and practical inventor, co-lady-in-waiting, crushing on Cassandra, Flynn Rider fan.

We’ve gotten a lot of world building, character and team building, but I don’t know if there is anything obvious about what they are going to do yet.
The rocks and Rapunzel’s hair are the inciting incident.
We’re missing the Big Bad, the real one not Lady Kane, though I’m sure she’ll be back. She’d make a good  lieutenant to the Big Bad.