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My grandma lived under the house

by reddit user chewingskin

Before you read these moments from my life, I’d like to apologize for the language, but I’m trying to recall it from the exact detail.

During the months of June, July, and August, I spent many hot summers of my childhood at my Grandmother’s house further west on the island of Cape Breton. The forest was plentiful, the plains were a vibrant green, and my Grandmother’s house was a rickety old two-story that was built sometime in the 50’s and looked like it didn’t belong.

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Can I ask for headcanons on how the Boys act when Gardienne is taking care of them because they are sick/hurt

Sick/hurt headcanons technically count as two-in-one, which I don’t do, so I only did ‘ Gardienne takes care of the sick boys’ headcanons. If you want boys are hurt headcanons, please send that in separately.

Anyway, here are your headcanons, Anon! I hope you enjoy them!


  • Ezarel hates being sick.
  • He hates it so much, he actually deludes himself into believing he’s having an off-day and is so convincing, nobody else suspects a thing until he collapses mid-experiment.
  • According to Eweleïn, Elves only get sick when really stressed, so step one to making Ez better is to get him to relax and rest.
  • It’s a lot harder than you think.
  • The man does not want to accept he’s sick.
  • He tries to move around as normal, do his work and continue as usual, but he can barely push the quilt off of himself, let alone walk.
  • You spend hours drilling it into his thick skull that he’s sick, and he’s not going anywhere.
  • He sulks a lot at first, but gives up when you reveal you’ll be taking care of him.
  • Suddenly, he’s quiet and complacent, he takes his medicine without a fuss, does as you say without a compliant.
  • You’re terrified that the sickness broke him.
  • But no, he just wants to get better quickly and as he gets better, the sass comes back.
  • It doesn’t take long at all before he’s full sassy smurf again.
  • After you’ve nursed him back to health, Ez is unusually kind to you and tries to make up for his whiny sick phase.


  • Nevra is an absolute pain in the ass when sick.
  • “Why meeee?”, “____, I need more blankets!”, “I’m dying of thirst. Do you think you could pass the cup of water sitting literally right next to me?”
  • The most irritating thing is because he’s a vampire, his ‘illness’ is the human equivalent to an off-day. So, he’s basically whining for the sake of whining.
  • Still, if Nevra’s come down with something, it’s got to be a pretty lethal bug, and everyone’s reluctant to let him out of his room until he’s better.
  • Honestly, you’re not even supposed to be in there but Eweleïn owes you a favour, so you get to play doctor to Nevra in her stead.
  • You end up playing Gaoler.
  • His melodramatics are already super annoying, but they pale in comparison to his escape attempts.
  • A large part of Nevra’s dislike of being sick is being stuck inside his room all day, so he’s always trying to escape.
  • It makes the whole ‘nursing’ thing pretty much impossible since you’re trying to keep him in and it gets to the point where you actually have to get Shaitan to guard Nevra’s room to insure he doesn’t get out.
  • Honestly, you spend more time trying to keep Nevra in bed than actually nursing to him health.
  • Fortunately for you, Nevra’s natural healing abilities means you only have to deal with his BS for a day.
  • Unfortunately, you inevitably catch his sickness and now you’re bedridden.
  • Lucky for you (or not so lucky, depending on how pissed you are), Nevra is more than happy to help nurse you back to health.


  • Calmly and quietly accepts he’s sick.
  • Is the easily the best of the three boys to take care of.
  • Like, he’s ready to do whatever it takes to get better, and trusts you explicitly.
  • If you told him he had to swallow a toad whole to get better, he’d do that shit without hesitation.
  • He always accepts your help gratefully, and tries not to be too much of a bother.
  • But the best thing about Valkyon is he’s very good at taking care of himself.
  • He’s got tissues and medicine in his bedside cabinet, and always keeps a bottle of water by his bedside in case he needs it. And due to his robustness, it’s very rare that he’s bedridden, so he can make short trips to the kitchen to grab whatever he needs.
  • Between you and himself, Valkyon never stays sick for long and is always back in tip-top condition within a few days.
  • After he recovers, Valkyon is always a bit more energetic than usual and can often be seen carrying you around the El guard as thanks for your wonderful nursing.
I'm gonna get myself in trouble
  • Patient, post-op female of 23 yrs: When I woke up there was something in my mouth, I couldn't talk.
  • Me: Yup, that was ET tube to help you breath during surgery. It was actually in your windpipe.
  • P: Will they have to put it back?
  • Me: Not unless you stop breathing. But you should be good.
  • P: Good, because my throat couldn't take it.
  • Me, absent-mindedly: Your throat could take much more.
  • P: 😐
  • Me: 😐
  • Me: Crap, I didn't mean it like that.
  • P: *giggling*
I am officially graduating with my Bachelors of Science in Nursing!!!

Thank you to all of those sending good vibes my way and helping me stay positive. After this long and grueling 7-year journey, I have officially taken a huge step toward my dream. All that stands between me and being a Registered Nurse is the NCLEX boards!! “The Devil whispered in my ear, ‘You’re not strong enough to withstand the storm.’ Today I whispered in the Devil’s ear, 'I am the storm.’”

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What Not To Do In High School (Pt. 2) [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: man i need part two the the high school au and like a billion other parts that accompany that. (But can the next one be where at lunch theres another bad boy in the school and he starts to tease you and barry gets prptective because youre his and

a/n: im so mad at myself…on another note, i knew i expected a part 2…

| Part 1 |

Lunch really doesn’t interest Barry. Yet, he still goes, just for giggles. If nothing else, he’ll nab some nerds fries. He enjoys doing that. What he doesn’t enjoy, is some punk ass bitch picking on his girl. That‘s his job, thank you very much!

With a scowl plastered on his lips, he parts through the line for food like Moses parting the Red Sea, old peasant boots creaking against the musty cafeteria floor. His gray flannel swings around his torso, slipping off his shoulder. A few people scurry out of his way, which, is a very good idea because he is pissed.

“Hey!” His voice booms all the way to the other end of the giant, open room. Even the lunch ladies jump. The guy in front of you, Tony Woodward, cocks an eyebrow, hand gripped to your bicep. That makes Barry snarl, “Get your grubby hands off my girl, Woodward!” he orders, nostrils flaring.

Tony smirks, standing up from the bright red bench that’s connected to the table. He easily is bulkier than Barry, with more muscles, and a bit taller. “You wanna start a fight, Allen? Fine, we’ll fight.” he barks, cracking his knuckles as he stalks towards the lanky teenager. You watch, eyes wide like saucers.

Stepping up to the ridiculous challenge, Barry shrugs off his flannel, throwing it to you with a sly wink (“What am I supposed to do with this?”), leaving him in his black Nirvana t-shirt, which is tucked halfway in his ripped blue skinny jeans. “Don’t pick fights that you’re gonna lose, Tony.” he flashes a coy grin, curling his fists….

…and he loses. But, it was a close fight. At least, that’s what he told the nurse. God, this plastic cot is uncomfortable. He repositions the bag of ice above his eye, groaning slightly. He told Joe he wouldn’t get into anymore fights… The curtain slides open and he squints at the sudden light. “You got a visitor.” the nurse says in a monotone voice, stepping aside to let you through, “I’m gonna call Detective West…again. Watch him.” she tells you before going to her office.

You smile awkwardly, ringing his gray flannel in your hands. “I… You left this in the caf…” you explain, bending down to lay it on the end of the electric blue cot. He arches an eyebrow, arm bent up to his head. “And…thanks.” you mutter, looking at your sneakers, hands in your hoodie pockets.

With a grunt, he sits up, bag of ice tumbling in his lap. He smirks, crossing his arms, scrunching his t-shirt. “Anything for you, Y/N.” he replies in a sort of cocky tone, which isn’t anything new to you. But you still blush. “How ‘bout when I’m all good, we all strip down to our socks?” he suggests, biting his lips seductively.

You roll your eyes, throwing your hands in the air, “You’re unbelieveable!”

He’s about to come back with a sassy comment, when the nurse ushers you out, pointing at Barry, “Detective West is on his way, don’t move.” she orders, walking out the door with you.

Barry groans, slamming his head back, “Ow…” he rubs his head.


The older detective holds on to his foster son’s shoulder, rubbing his eye, “I thought we agreed no more fights…” he sighs, putting his hands on his hips when they approach the police cruiser.

“We did…but, Joe, Woodward was picking on Y/N. I couldn’t let that slide!” he fumes, crossing his arms stubbornly. Joe shakes his head, cracking the door open and pointing inside; Barry scowls, “I’m not a criminal, Joe.”

Gently, Joe pushes him in the car, “You better hope you’re not. You’re too cute for jail, son, they’d eat you up.” he chuckles, shutting the door. He shakes his head, turning to the front seat, “This boy…”

More fanart of The Evil Within :I hi. my whole art blog is this right now… I’m so inspired, though! I adore the character designs in this game, and Seb is so cute to draw with everyone. Here’s some more love for sassy nurse Tatiana, drawn for lady-of-rohan. Poor beatup Sebs never wants to accept anyone’s help… but can’t say no to her ;D

Let’s talk about a Bagginshield Scrubs AU though. Toss most of those Scrub canon ships to the side and come on a journey with me:

  • Thorin the famously surly doctor who could easily be the next Chief of Medicine if he’d only deign to turn on the charm. 
  • Bilbo Baggins as a well-loved and sassy as hell nurse who Thorin has a massive crush on. 
  • Bilbo is totally into him too, but he’s better at hiding it. 
  • They are both emotionally constipated and need to just freaking bang already. 
  • Kili and Fili as the inseparable pair of interns whose relationship is constantly in question bc they are way too damn attached. 
  • Kili and Fili playing “poke the bear”. The bear is Thorin. They almost chicken out but Thorin rolls his eyes and walks away in time for them to still pretend it was exhilarating instead of a near death experience.  
  • Tauriel as Kili’s nurse gf who says things like, “That’s the man you’ll have to compete with for your father’s affections,” when they have a kid or, “If you had to choose between me and Fili, you’d pick me right?”
  • Kili totally says yes. 
  • When Tauriel turns around, Kili silently shakes his head at Fili and mouths, ‘Totally you.’
  • Thranduil as the lazy and sassy as hell board member who hates everyone. 
  • Instead of having a history with the prickly doctor, his connection to the hospital is the new blonde intern that Thorin likes to call “Barbie” when he’s done something particularly stupid. 
  • Ori, the intern who kills so many patients that they almost kick him right out the door but then realize he would make an excellent coroner. 
  • Nori is totally the perv who is into eh-eh-eeeeverything that moves and doesn’t even try to hide it.
  • Please don’t ask him about his banana hammock. 
  • Please. 
  • Bofur as the janitor who likes to fuck with everyone in the hospital. He hates Kili the most except no one really remembers why??
  • Bombur is the cafeteria worker that’s Bofur’s pal/partner in crime.
  • He doesn’t really do much crime actually. 
  • He mainly just watches impassively.
  • Usually with a sandwich.  
  • Gandalf, the Chief of Medicine that rides Thorin extra hard bc they butt heads so often. He’s only really nice to Bilbo bc Bilbo is perfect. Everyone is scared of him but it’s all an act to keep the hospital afloat. He’s all bark. Very little bite. 
  • Most of the time.
  • Radagast is totally the hospital attorney. He is not always sad though, but that might bc he’s pretty high most of the time. 
  • He’s a really, really bad lawyer. 
  • Balin as beard-face. 
  • Dwalin is Thorin’s best friend from college. 
  • Bifur is a patient who is connected to people in the hospital and effects them emotionally. 
  • And all around this odd cast you get to watch Thorin and Bilbo fall in love in their dorky awkward way and proceed to build a life together. 


  • One day Bilbo and Thorin have a kid and name it Frodo. Kili wants to be the godfather. Thorin says no. 
  • Mainly bc he’s not even Catholic. 
a few aus for seventeen ((someone pls write them ok))
  • biker gang au in which they ride or die
  • woozi as head conductor while the other members are in the orchestra under him ((wonwoo on timpani pls))
  • merman au in which seungkwan is a merman who loves singing
  • battle royale au in which seungcheol and joshua are respective kings in their own country and they want to win the heart of jeonghan, the pretty milkboy that goes by both country trying to earn a living (who claims to be best friends with florist jihoon who travels with him)
  • joshua the solo violinist is to have a collaboration with world best pianist ‘angel’ jeonghan. joshua then comes to know jeonghan isn’t exactly the ‘angel’ everyone says he is.
  • jeon wonwoo’s the new Lancelot who meets yoon junghan, the Galahad and kwon soonyoung, the leader of the kingsmen organization.
  • hairspray or grease au for seventeen
  • yankee/yakuza patient seungcheol falls in love with doctor junghan and purposely gets himself injured to have doctor han treat him. (ft sassy nurse seungkwan complaining about the usage of cotton, swabs and the likes being used a lot for his ‘injuries’)
  • pacific rim au pls
  • s.coups is the only adult and the rest of the seventeen members are actual children
  • grimm reaper au in which person a is suppose to take the life of person b but instead let him live - is then exiled and is turned to human.
  • cirque du soleil au

if someone actually writes this pls drop your link to my ask box and I’ll definitely read them pls I’m selling my soul for these

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I'm from El Salvador and I was talking to my madre and we were watching a movie and a Latina was on screen and my mom was like another maid huh? And I could tell she was sad because she knows how it impacts young Latina women like that's the only thing we we are in the movies Maids, thugs, sassy nurse and they jump at any opportunity to dress us in as little amount of clothing.. It makes me sad when I look at my mom she's 47 but she's still looking for a strong Latina character

That’s fucked up. Pero can i add that the problem with those characters is that theyre tropes created through a racist, white lens. I know plenty of latinxs that work doing housekeeping/maid work and are awesome, strong individuals. These popular depictions of Latinidad are caricatures with no substance who are created from a place of ignorance and hate. I would love to see latinxs in different, diverse roles, but let’s be honest, seeing a latinx as an astronaut vs a maid isn’t going to make much of a difference if the people behind the scenes continue to be straight cis white males. The need for diversity and representation does not begin and end with characters.

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Can I ask why you dislike Talisa or at least the Talisa/Robb romance?

Of course :) well I openly hate both, so xD okay, premise: the fact that I don’t likr Talisa doesn’t mean I dislike Oona - actually I think she was entirely wasted in that part. So, this stated. (Also, book spoilers? I assume you read them or you know how it was in there anyway)

Talisa: okay, the thing is, ASOIAF is famous because it deconstructs tropes, right? Well, Talisa is an incarnated trope and a pretty bad one at that. I mean, where the hell in the books you find the typical sassy warrior woman who takes no shit from anyone, says fuck it to everything because she wants to and does badass things because she’s that great and charms the hell out of the hero of the story and then they end up in a omg so tragic but so romantic love story? Answer: nowhere, because that’s not what GRRM set to do, but Talisa is.. that. Pretty much. Down to the tragic noble background backstory which doesn’t make any sense whatsoever if you look at it - like, what’s even remotely realistic about it? Nothing, because it looks like she just went and decided to be a sassy nurse and that was it. In a series that’s supposed to be realistic fantasy or whatever in contrast to mainstream fantasy where this shit happens all the time, she sticks out like a sore thumb because she doesn’t belong there. And this brings us to the ‘why I hate Robb/Talisa’ part of it.

Robb/Talisa: okay, see, the point is that Robb hooking up with the aforementioned sassy badass girl in the circumstances when it happened completely defies the point of that entire storyline and makes it 100% more dumb. Meaning:

a) in the book, Robb slept with Jeyne in a moment of acute distress after learning that Theon had presumably killed Bran and Rickon, this after Theon took Winterfell and as far as he was concerned betrayed him, so it’s not like it was OMG YOU’RE SO WONDERFUL ILU LET’S FUCK. It was a moment of weakness with someone he barely even knew. Now, anyone else would have just left and be done with it, but he actually fucks up his most important alliance because he doesn’t want to ruin Jeyne’s life even if they barely know each other and he has everything to lose from it. It’s 100% more poignant that he’d do that, especially since it’s a very *Robb* thing to do, never mind that Robb and Jeyne got the happy marriage where you learn to know your spouse even if you didn’t exactly have STRONG FEELINGS for them before that Cat and Ned had, which the showrunners completely missed on since in the show Cat told Robb it was the good kind of marriage and Robb was like BUT I LOVE HER YOLO. Like, book!Robb would have never slept with someone/married them BECAUSE *LOVE* - he’s nowhere near that careless, never mind that he knows he’s doing something that might fuck his war up and he behaves accordingly while show!Robb almost always behaved like marrying Talisa wasn’t the biggest fuck-up he could have done. Never mind that he did it because OMG SHE’S SO SASSY AND BADASS AND LOVELY WHO CARES I’M IN LOVE WITH HER YOLO, not because he was half-depressed and grief-driven.

b) The other point of the Robb/Jeyne romance is that… Robb marries a perfectly ordinary person. Jaime even said it in AFFC when he saw her - she was pretty but not a girl to lose a war for. Jeyne isn’t sassy, isn’t badass, is pretty but not overwhelmingly beautiful, she doesn’t know shit about war (and didn’t take Cat’s place counseling him *coughhhh*), she’s a pretty lovely person but she’s no great catch either. She’s… well, a normal person. That no one would have risked losing a war for. Except Robb Stark. Who ends up loving her anyway and who certainly wasn’t charmed by all the trope traits Talisa has that Jeyne never had. It makes it 100% more tragic because anyone else would have just left Jeyne there and said sorry, but he didn’t. And she didn’t need to be this perfect imaginary oh-so-independent-and-sassy woman who sweeps him off his feet. And I hate that D&D didn’t think that it was good enough, you know? Omg the hero of the story can’t get married to a perfectly ordinary person who doesn’t know how to sew wounds or make quippy comebacks and takes orders from no men and doesn’t give a shit about her family, noooo, in order to make it interesting he has to marry a stereotype! The Robb/Jeyne romance is a deconstruction of the typical hero/heroine romance and Robb/Talisa IS EXACTLY THAT. Which is a disservice to Jeyne and a disservice to Robb, because in the show it looks like a Romeo and Juliet thing where he does the dumbest shit ever (like, WHO SAID HE HAD TO *MARRY* TALISA FFS, and the whole deflowering a maiden thing was totally lost for that matter), in the book it’s actually a tragic decision that has some reason of existing.

So, tldr: I dislike Talisa because she’s a trope that makes no sense in asoiaf and I dislike her romance with Robb because it completely misses the point of the original arc that Robb had and turns everything into a trite love story that we’ve seen a hundred times when that wasn’t the way it went and it actually was pretty fundamental to Robb’s character, and as a consequence I spent S2 and S3 watching someone who was a Robb bodysnatcher 90% of the time rather than my favorite asoiaf character.

Also, BONUS REASON WHY I HATE THE ROBB/TALISA ROMANCE, which is related to Theon’s storyline and has ADWD spoilers so in case just skip this part:

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okay so far we have a clingy presumed lesbian girl played for comic relief, the sassy black nurse, the sassy gay nurse, a bubbling love triangle between the “deep girl” a typical popular boy and a boy who understands her complexities, a typical mean girl who will obviously get her development from being sick, the horny and drug addicted black boy