sassy nick fury


Happy Valentine’s Day ! Here are some special cards for your valentine ! Your welcome. ❤️


Omg!! I saw avengers age of ultras yesterday and it was absolutely amazing and fantastic and brilliant!!!! Need to see it again!!!! 🎉😄🎊😃

Nicknames for marvel characters

Nick fury: sassy black eyepatch

Natasha: the widow of black

Clint: papa Hawk

Bucky: BuCAW or whoops I fell again

Steve: regret


Bruce: smashy smashy boom boom

Thor: fuzzy

Agent Hill: mountain

Scarlet witch: Trippy man

Quicksilver: GOTTA GO FAST

Ultron: desu desu lizard king

Falcon: black bird man

War Machine: Tin tin fall

Spider-Man: spuder spuder got the dropsies

Vision: Desu desu not lizard king