sassy nick

Where the Chronicles of Nick fans at?

This series. It gets to me.  I never read the Dark Hunter series, but I might after this one is done.  Seriously, the main character Nick:

-epitome of sass
-super protective of the people he cares about
-deals with high school issues and real demons at the same time as fantasy ones

Seriously I’m glad there’s a manga now and everything, but I just want more fans to come out and make stuff, too.  I’d read the heck out of the fics and ogle that artwork all day

I had a dream the Monkeys were back and Matt and Alex were giving an interview on tv. But god knows why them and Nick and Cookie would stay at my place for a day or two and I had Alex taking a nap on my mom’s bed, Matt sitting on my couch and I got to hug Cookie and Nick and I asked Nick if I could touch his hair and he smiled and said “Yeah, sure!” and 😭 it was a little damp bcs it’s been raining over here lately (him and Cookie arrived some time after Matt and Alex) but I could feel his curls and he even turned around so I could touch it better and Cookie was smiling kinda amused as well beside us and he had such a firm handshake and I’m still in my room about to get up and face my living room and think my imaginary Monkeys were there minutes ago thanks for listening