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I really want bokuto to be all like hoo who the fuck are you

No one messes with the owl babies ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The Olympics have officially become the rest of the world’s passive aggressive attacks towards all of the Anti-LGBTQ policies of Russia. 

And Germany’s sass cannot be contained. 


Photos from Eirtakon! If you see yourself please let me know so I can tag you! 

America: aphnyoitaly

Prussia: hetalianobasuke

Spain: purple-pantsu

Aoba: anirishpandacat

Nyo!Denmark: eternallyjadedx

Makoto: cysso

Haru: aloisgotthebooty

Jean: @i-think-it-is-a-butthole (Sorry, it wouldn’t let me tag you!)

Austria and England: ask-the-sassy-gay-nations

I was Nyo!Norway


I met John Hodgman tonight! Neat!

For those of you who might not know him, he’s known for being on The Daily Show, and he’s been in a bunch of things I like, like 30 Rock, Parks & Rec, and one of my favourite episodes of Community where he tries to convince the study group they have been in a mental hospital all along.

Also he is the “PC guy” from the old Apple commercials.

Also some other stuff I’ve never watched but is apparently good, like Bored to Death.

Anyway he was doing kind of an interview/conversation type thing and my aunt nabbed me a ticket. He’s super funny and came to the lobby after to sign stuff and so naturally I got a regular selfie and an ugly selfie. Id like to make it a series. Ugly selfies with famous people.

Being there tonight really reinforced my dream of becoming successful enough that people want to hear me talk about stuff and have public conversations/interviews with me. It is my greatest dream, to get paid for being sassy on national television.

Anyway. I got an ugly selfie with “The PC Guy.” What a time to be alive.