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Lord Byron Appreciation Post

I’m a big fan of Mary Shelley and her husband Percy Shelley, and they were good friends with Lord Byron, so I felt like reading up on him.

I was not disappointed.

  • THE DUDE WAS BISEXUAL. He had loads of love and sexual affairs with both men and women, and when he died from a fever at the age of 36 it was one of his male lovers, Loukas Chalandritsanos, that was with him.
  • They think that his flirty and sexual ways were influenced by the fact that he was sexually abused as a child, by his mother’s maid (who was then fired) and by his mother’s suitor Lord Grey de Ruthyn.
  • HE LOVED ANIMALS SO MUCH - when his beloved dog Boatswain had rabies, Byron insisted on staying with him, treating him, nursing him as well he could without fear of being bitten and infected himself. When Boatswain died, Byron had a funeral monument built for him which was bigger than his own (and he was already in debt at the time but he didn’t care cuz it was for his precious pup) and he wrote in his will that he wanted to be buried with him.
  • At university he was told that he wasn’t allowed to keep dogs (this was when Boatswain was still alive btw), and out of spite HE BROUGHT A FUCKING BEAR INTO THE UNIVERSITY because nowhere in the rules did it say that he wasn’t allowed to keep bears. He even tried to get a college fellowship for the bear, so that it legally had to stay - for some reason that didn’t work.
  • Like I mentioned above, he was friends with the Shelleys, and when they were all on a trip to Geneva along with John William Polidori and Claire Clairmont, Byron suggested that they write ghost stories to pass the time: Mary Shelley’s ghost story turned out to be Frankenstein.
  • He was an amazing swimmer. The first notable example of open water swimming took place on May 3rd 1810, and it was Byron himself who swam from Europe to Asia across the Hellespont Strait. Also, when he was sailing to Cephalonia, every day at noon he was jump overboard to have a swim, despite the fact that sharks were known in the area (ultimate yolo)
  • Byron was born with a deformity in his right foot, known as “clubfoot”, and he was extremely self-conscious about it, nicknaming himself “le diable boiteux” (”the limping devil” in French). This didn’t stop him from being a dank swimmer tho.
  • He was such a sassy shit. In his letters to Francis Hodgson, he nicknamed William Wordsworth “Turdsworth” because of how much he disliked him.
  • He was the king of passive-aggressiveness. If ever someone pissed him off, he’d write about them in a poem: for example, when Lord Elgin took the Parthenon Marbles, he “reacted with fury” and denounced his actions in his poem The Curse of Minerva.
  • Before he died, Byron joined the Greek War of Independence and was considered a hero by the Greeks. It’s said that if he hadn’t died, he might have become the next King of Greece (which is now proven to be extremely unlikely - but shh he’s totally king material just sayin)

My lovely medical school decided to let all the MS4s know on Friday that we have three weeks to compile a list of noteworthy characteristics and submit them to student affairs for inclusion in our Dean’s letter. I was more than a little miffed, seeing as this was the first we heard of the assignment. Apparently they couldn’t be bothered to mention it in any of the multiple GME briefs we received this year. Then, I read over some of their suggestions for things that could be considered noteworthy characteristics, including an explanation of any difficulties encountered during medical school, and that for some reason really set me off. I ended up rage typing a very sassy bullet point/rant about what my medical school experience has been like and what I’ve dealt with going through school and let me tell you, it was quite the enlightening experience. I really tend to downplay things. I minimize when I’m not doing well or feeling well, usually to my own detriment. But now I have laid out in black and white what its been like being in med school post-crash and maybe that’s actually really helpful because when I first wrote this it felt like I was ranting and exaggerating, but looking back now with a clear head, there’s a lot of truth there about how things have changed and made this an unnecessarily more difficult experience overall.

What Natasha was doing at the end of CACW

So, I was thinking where everyone was at the end of CACW. 

Tony and Rhodes (and, I assume, Vision - although his whereabouts are unclear) are still with the government. Spiderman is at school. Cap, Bucky and T’Challa are in Wakanda. Bucky puts himself in cryo. Cap and T’Challa then break into prison to save Clint, Wanda, Sam, and Scott. 

So, where is Natasha?

We know she betrayed her side when she let Steve and Bucky go at the airport (and stung T’Challa multiple times. Geez, he is a king.) Being the super cautious spy-assassin she is, put together with the lack of information we have on her whereabouts at the end of the movie, we can safely guess she’s not sticking around watching Rhodes recover. 

Rewind to prison break scene. We see the maximum-security, top-secret prison buried in the middle of the fucking ocean being hacked into, guards dropping to the floor. Cap throws his shield around and is righteous af but that does not help a lot in a prison break. T’Challa may be all-powerful in many ways, but knowing SHIELD and the government’s dirty secrets probably ain’t one of them. 

So guess who would possess hacking skills and would just happen to know all those dirty little government secrets, which might or might not include the exact coordinates, floor plan and guard rotation of that top-secret prison in the middle of the ocean

Probably not Vision. 

Best guess? World-class ex-KGB spy-assassin who keeps safely everyone’s dirty secrets she has ever stumbled upon, in case she needs them for an exit someday, i.e. Natasha

(Plus, sending a sassy letter and a Nokia phone to Tony isn’t really Cap’s style. But it is Natasha’s.)


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Hi. Can you please recommend fics with heavy smut with possessive/dominant/daddy Chanyeol with slutty/desperate/horny/thirsty Baekhyun? A loooong list would be nice ;)

Ohhai! These are random possessive/dominant/daddy Chanyeol with slutty/desperate/horny/thirsty Baekhyun. Enjoy! ^^,

- Admin Rose

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