sassy james in the first one

drunk Minerva McGonagall

what i think a drunk minerva mcgonagall would be like

  • obviously her drink of choice would be red wine, only the classiest drink for the classiest, baddest witch in the world
  • and she’s a total fucking lightweight
  • but if you tell her that then she’ll fuck you up
  • “no albus i’ve had like six glasses of wine tonight and i’m only now starting to feel it”
  • “minerva that’s your first glass”
  • her sassiness and humour is easier accessed when she’s drunk
  • “fuck off albus no one asked you anyway”
  • (also she swears a lot more when she’s drunk)
  • she would NEVER get drunk around students, except perhaps around the winter holidays, and even then it’s only slightly buzzed
  • but during the marauder’s last year at hogwarts, all four of them are staying at hogwarts for christmas, and it’s christmas eve in the great hall
  • it’s minerva, albus, james, sirius, peter, remus, , lily, filius, pomona, horace, hagrid, two ravenclaws and a hufflepuff
  • and the marauders are the ones keeping up the conversation
  • “oh dear merlin” - something said about a thousand times during that dinner by minerva mcgonagall
  • she keeps drinking glass of wine after glass of wine, not bothering to keep track because dear lord these boys are going to be the death of me
  • they’re constantly mentioning in casual conversation that they’re her favourite students
  • “i don’t have favourites, black, but if i did, it definitely wouldn’t be you”
  • albus is the first one to notice how much wine she’s had and is silently like “oh this will be good”
  • he was right
  • as the alcohol begins to affect minerva, she becomes less tense and ends up laughing at the marauder’s jokes, even the ones that aren’t really funny
  • “minnie, are you drunk?” james asks eventually, having noticed it. all of the marauders stare at her with wide eyes, waiting for an answer
  • “o’ cour’ not, Po’er,” she said, slurring her words. “i spi’ at the accus’tion.”
  • after a few minutes she takes her hair down out of a bun
  • “nice observation, pettigrew”
  • the first and only time during their hogwarts careers that they have ever seen her with her hair out of a sharp bun
  • sirius gets a dare from remus “kiss her on the cheek”
  • “ are - are yoU KIDDING MOONY SHE’D KILL ME”
  • “i know. marauder’s dare.”
  • they were all incredibly drunk as well
  • sirius, who was sitting next to minerva, leaned in and kissed her left cheek with a smile on his face, and a laugh.
  • she just giggles, wipes her cheek with her hand, and swats at him with her cloth napkin, missing by a mile because of her intoxication, before returning to her conversation with albus
  • drunk minerva mcgonagall is my favourite for some reason excuse me

I forgot to post this, but these are some Hamilton pieces I commissioned from

The first one is the Three Kings as the Schuyler sisters. (Because #Ham4Ham).

The second is Jefferson being his sassy self.

I absolutely love theeeemmmm. Commission her so she is forced to draw more Hamilton because we are all Hamiltrash, don’t lie.

First Five Ocs

sloppily done, but still done

Kyu (Pronounced Key-you)

A 1′2 genderfluid, sassy bot. She is Asexual/demiromantic. Built to help with small things in a bakery owned by Jessie Johnson, who she considers her mother. “JJ sweets” is the name of the bakery, Kyu mainly brings small ingredients to Jessie when baking. One other bot helps (Celly, whom will be introduced later). Kyu never met or knew about her maker, I’ll introduce him in a bit.

She was built 4/15/22

Activated 3/24/23

She has a significant other, Shoji (whom belongs to @adorable-artman)

Jessie Johnson 

Cis female, heterosexual. 5′7, protective of the bots in the household: Celly, Calvin, Kyu and Shoji (again belonging to @adorable-artman) Owner of JJ sweets. Around 46 years old.

Many believe its “Jessie Johnson’s Sweets” but its “Jessie James Sweets”.

She was married to James but sadly he was killed in a house fire that was not an accident. Minor depression developed and she fills the ‘void’ with bots that she treats as her children. She refuses to date.


Heterosexual Male. 5′8.

The first bot of the Johnsons’ household, he was around to know James and consider him a father, he consider’s Jessie a mother. He is happy for the most part. He and the bot mentioned before, Celly, had been fighting about who got to date the girl they both liked. The girl took it into her own hands and let them share her. Celly and Calvin dont consider one another lovers since Celly is homosexual.

Calvin was built 6/29/19

The girl he’s with is named Katrina (she’ll be explained next)


Female Bisexual, 6 feet tall

Belonging to a wealthy writer named Ellen. she was made to train/care for Ellen’s dogs when she cant do it herself. She knows how to defend herself but can only do so against bots (which is very rare since shes inside for most of the day) the screen on her chest will display her emotions when she tries to hide them unless it is a dangerous situation where she must hide it.

Built 2/17/16

She is dating Celly and Calvin

James Johnson

(no doodle)

Polysexual Cis Male, 5′10

Killed in an act of arson shortly after just finishing building Kyu, yet to power her on. Once he noticed the flames reaching his workroom in the basement he got Kyu out that slit of a window, he couldn’t find a way out and burned to death. He was roughly 39 at the time, dying  4/15/22

Once married to Jessie, but you know what happened.