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Tech Issue

Summary: Being smart and graduate college early doesn’t only have good sides. Busy with studies, you have less time to see your boyfriend. So one day you decide to go see him on his university’s campus to make him a surprise. But the surprise is rather he who make you one, because the future employee of Google wearing the significant beanie that Stuart is asks you for help on a problem that is supposed to be his specialty.

Word count: 1565

Requested? Yes, by @standalls

Fandom: The Internship

Pairing: Reader x Stuart Twombly

A/N: First Internship imagine! Hope you like it and I hope I wrote Stuart correctly! None of the gifs are mine.

You hadn’t seen him for a long time. To be honest, with the end of your studies that you had finished with mention, you hadn’t the time for any activities. You were very intelligent, too intelligent and devoted to your studies. And that’s how you graduated from college before many other people of your age and that included your boyfriend. Your boyfriend who had managed to get a dream job at Google’s premises but who had to graduate before he could start working.

And so, both very busy, you with your finals in search of a job and him with the internship and his school year to finish, you barely had time to send text messages at each other.

That’s why you decided. You missed Stuart excruciatingly and the few call and skype videos couldn’t replace human contact. You had to see him face to face. You missed him too much, his sassy and jaded side that was meant to be cool but that he kept only for others. For you and only you he showed his true him, tender, sweet and especially so nice true side. You loved when he took you in his arms just to stroke your skin. You put your back against his chest and your head just below his. Then his long agile fingers accustomed to tapping on his phone screen had only you in sight. He loved to stroke the skin of your arms to give you pleasant shivers. And at the same time he put his chin on your head to smell the odor of your hair and you smiled knowing the face he did without having to see it.

And often the whole thing ended with him deciding it was time for a tickling attack.

All those beautiful moments, you remembered them all the way to his dormitory. You had decided to leave everything behind you, pack some luggage and take the bus to him. A few hours of public transport and you found yourself on his campus, in front of his room, a smile already plated on your face as you raised your free hand that didn’t hold your suitcase to knock on his door. It was Saturday, so apart from many works and studies, he had to be in his room. And you hoped he would have time for you.

It didn’t take much time and a young man, the most beautiful, came to open the door. He wore a simple gray t-shirt with brown jeans. On his nose rested a pair of black bezels and on his head, over his hair surely messy was a beanie. His beanie, the famous beanie he always drags along with him. It gives style, he told you to defend himself and you always ended up stealing it to put it on your head, laughing. And he was chasing you down the corridors to catch you. He always ended up catching you, making you turn around on the spot with him before giving you a tender kiss to distract you and retrieve what was his.

When he opened, Stuart was very surprised. The straw he had in his mouth he usually chew when he wanted to concentrate fell on the floor so that his lips could stretch and forms the most magnificent smile that illuminated his honey brown eyes under his glasses. You smiled at him and he came to take you in his arms without waiting.

As usual Stuart made you turn by taking you by the waist. You laugh out loud and looked at him, your eyes both in love. After a while, he let you slip to the floor. You didn’t wait and put your hands on his cheeks while his were laid on your hips. Then, you moved your face close to his and put your lips against his for a soft, passionate and above all very full of desire kiss that prolonged for a couple of long and delicious seconds. You had so much time to catch up.

Finally you had to step back to catch your breath.

“Y / N … I didn’t expect you … you are …”

“I couldn’t stand it, Stu, can’t you graduate faster?” You answered him, not leaving his gaze. He smiled at you, that smile so sincere that he only reserved for you before answering.

“I’m very smart you know. It takes time for smart kids like me to prove their intelligence.” He said, stepping forward to whisper something in your ear. “You’ll see I’ll catch up to you and you’ll regret laughing at me all this time …”

“ Oh. I can’t wait to see that!” You replied, convinced he was very able to do that.

After a while you decided that it would be wiser to discuss in his room. Luckily, his roommates were out for the Weekend, but Stuart had declined their invitation, surely to show his investment in his studies. So he stayed to revise.

Always proving everyone he was the best. It was your Stuart.

Indeed the first thing you saw when you came in was the pile of books and sheets stacked and scattered all over the place. You felt almost guilty to disturb him when he was surely very busy.

“So what’s up,” you asked him as you took a seat on his couch and he came to you quickly, with his laptop in his hand, which he placed on his lap. If you didn’t know Stuart so well you would have been angry to see him on his computer when you had gone all the way to see him. But you knew your boyfriend very well and for him it was rather a mark of confidence to work next to someone, to show that person what he was doing on his computer.

And Stuart Twombly truly trusted you.

“I’m working on a philosophy thesis,” he began by showing you his Word document that indicated more than 7,000 words.

“Not easy …” You muttered, reminding you of this duty. Then, suddenly, a pop-up appeared on his computer saying there was a problem. You startled and looked at Stuart who mumbled a few oaths before turning the screen towards him and started tapping, his glasses up his nose.

“Tech issue?” You asked him, worried about his sudden concentration.

Every other girl would have been very angry to pass after a computer problem, but you knew that even if Stuart was concentrating on his computer issue, you would always pass before everything.

“Every time it does that,” Stuart showed you the source of the problem and immediately your brain starts to work and think at full speed. You analyzed the possibilities according to your knowledge, which proved to be less developed than the one of your boyfriend and you stopped, understanding.

“Stuart Twombly you are asking me for help with a technical problem.”

His eyes wandered somewhere to your left and then rested on you with an outraged but guilty expression.

“ Noooooo.” He told you but you knew he was lying.

” Liar! “

“I don’t ask for help, I show you the problem,” he corrected and you couldn’t hold back the smile that stretched your lips.

“Mr. Future Google employee who asks his girlfriend for help to solve a computer problem!” You added to tease him as you gave him a pat on the shoulder. Stuart looked at his screen, raising his eyebrows.

” I don’t see what you’re talking about. “

You laughed while crossing your arms on your chest, still looking at him.


“What?” He asked, outraged.

You took his beanie from his head.

"Breathe out your brain and you’ll find your solution,” you teased him, tucked his beanie under your arm.

“Give me that!” He said to you, trying to reach it and you pretended not to know what he wanted.

“Y / N!” He insisted, but you continued to ignore him.

"Well, if you don’t need my help, I’m going to leave,” you added as you stood up, his beanie still in your possession. You loved teasing him and he knew it.

“For the lord of Hogwarts, I need your help! I’m almost done with my thesis but I can’t save it with these pop-up appearing, threatening to restart the program! I don’t know what to do. ”

“That wasn’t so complicated!” You laughed, putting his beanie on your head and returning to sit down beside him.

"You don’t uhm give me back my beanie.”

“I have to think like you, so I better have it on my head,” you answered, winking before taking his computer on your lap.

It only took you about fifteen minutes and a lot of nails gnawed (thank you Stuart for your precious collaboration) before you managed to solve the problem.

“Tada!” You exclaimed by showing him his thesis now saved without problems and the pop-up windows disappeared forever.

Stuart didn’t answer you immediately, nor thanked you. He stared at his computer screen for many silent seconds, his mouth half open before looking up at your eyes which were very proud to have succeeded. Stuart took his computer, closed it and put it somewhere carefully on the floor without leaving your gaze.

“You’re fantastic,” was all he told you before he jumped on you for an attack that this time wasn’t a tickling attack.

Hopefully his roommates wouldn’t come back early!

I’ve been waiting to read Beanstalk from E. Jade Lomax for a long time, and finally yesterday after a really rough exam I decided to start it after lunch. Before dinner I had already read both Beanstalk and Echoes of a Giantkiller and I was internally sobbing for Remember the Dust which hasn’t even been published yet. One of the best books I’ve ever read.

waketheprince  asked:

Hellooo do you have any Eruri headcanons?? Because ive been seriously deprived of those two gross old men 😍 I'm sorry to be a bother \(^•^)/


1. levi and erwin always eat lunch together - cute packed lunches that levi prepares in foil for erwin, and brings to his office as he knows erwin skips meals as if it were no problem - and he doesn’t want his bb wasting away. 

2. erwin taught levi to write, long ago when he first joined the corps. even though he was a busy, bright-eyed soldier worming his way up the ranks, spending sleepless nights reading and writing reports, he would sit down at night to teach levi the alphabet, and then written grammar. levi has never forgotten this.

3. levi shaved for erwin that time he lost his arm. he was the only one suitable for the job, he was the only one to ignore any tears or anger or anything from his superior and shave for him,  straddled on his lap. 

4. mike knows about their relationship because of that one time he went into erwin’s office to talk to him, and then dropped his pen. when he leaned down to pick it up, who else should he see there under the desk but levi. 

5. erwin likes watching levi sleep, more than anything in the world. 

shaleclaw  asked:

So many happy/sassy Jades... Who are you, and what have you done with Whatsa? The real Whatsa keeps woob horse caged!

That’s because filly-jade actually has self-esteem, unlike her older counterpart. This is before the world broke her spirit!

(as such, Whatsa actually respects this one)