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So why do you want a new tmi cast for the show? the current cast is great xD

The Mortal Instruments fandom is blind

Yes I’m going to talk about the existing cast. Yes you should read my stupid rant. Yes there will be typos.

This is my honest opinion, most likely it’s different from your opinion but I’m going to post it anyway and probably get hate for it but meh. If you can’t handle my criticism then why are you on tumblr?

Recasting: I honestly do not understand whyyyy this fandom likes the cast we have so much, yeah the actors are nice and friendly as hell but um… they cannot [save for Robert and Jemima] for the life of them act as the characters. 

Hear me out. I highly recommend you watch polandbananasbooks’ review on the CoB movie on YouTube first if you haven’t - she covers the problematic acting in the movie (and other things). I’m not trying to be mean to the actors, I know they do their hardest at their job, but this is my favourite book series and uGH.

  • Jamie as Jace - asides from the fact he doesn’t look at all like Jace (he also looks nothing like “the greatest Shadowhutner of his age” he looked sickly and skeletal in that shirtless scene he had with Clary when she was telling him she found the mortal cup), he’s actually not sassy. He’s deadpan, Jace is a very emotional character - and I know, I know, I KNOW he hides behind his mask, but never, ever in the books is he deadpan - he’s a sarcastic lil shit who puts everything he has into everything he does. Jamie had no energy, and he speaks his supposedly “sarcastic” lines in a very monotone voice. And Jace is cheesy as hell in the movie - ew god no book Jace is smooth af.
  • Lily as Clary - I love Lily so much, and I don’t have a lot to say about her acting, but she always had her mouth gaping in the movie and, like, forced her lines out through gritted teeth. I know Clary has a short temper, but this didn’t feel like a short temper - it felt like she was whining throughout the movie.It just didn’t seem believable. 
  • Kevin as Alec - I’m sorry but he’s just too old; most of this cast is just too old. These characters are teenagers, not 30 year olds with children! I literally cannot imagine him being all flustered around Magnus tbh.
  • Jonanthan Rhys Meyers - I love JRM in the Tudors, great actor! In CoB….. not so much. He was too overly dramatic with his lines and tooooo villainous - which I’ll admit is partly part of the scripts problem because it made him crazy. Valentine is a very manipulative villain, he would go to a massacre in a velvet suit tbh, he’s about democracy and politics - he acted like Sebastian in the movie, all action and violence. No. (Also he didn’t look the part: gross black hair with rats tails and no shirt??? As if classy McGee here wouldn’t wear a shirt.)
  • Godfrey Gao as Magnus - monotone voice; Magnus says the most outrageous things and is so quirky and odd, Godfrey was just really glittered up and spoke his lines. He didn’t even have any quirky mannerisms ugh. Also: where are his pants and his witty remarks?

Yes I know the script stuffed up everything, but these are not the Mortal Instrument characters.

Also [most] of the CoB actors were movie actors and you can’t just expect them to be on a tv show like that.

AND A BIG TMI FANDOM PSA: STOP PESTERING THE TMI MOVIE CAST TO BE IN THE TV SHOW. I see it on their twitters, instagrams, facebooks, tumblrs or whatever social media they have - if they want to be in the tv show they might be, but spamming them endlessly like I see every. single. day. is not going to MAKE them be part of the show. You can trend #KeepOriginalTMIcast or whatever you want but you have to let these people live their lives - they’re not here to answer your pleas on a daily basis.

I don’t even want a tmi tv show - but I’m probably not going to boycott it, so if you’re planning on boycotting it if you don’t like the new cast. Suck it up. This is the closet thing we’ll get to seeing all six books in a visual media, don’t screw it up for the rest of the fandom.

(Why don’t I want a tmi tv show? I’m probably going to watch it though, just fyi. Well I do think this has a better chance at succeeding, but I’ve seen so many good shows based off even better books turn to absolute trash after the first few seasons and it’ll break my heart if that happens to tmi. Also, if tmi becomes too popular I’m so scared it’ll succumb to bad writing for fan service :/ sigh)

  • All in all, we need a brand new and good scriptwriter who actually sticks to the plot, and we need a new cast for Jace, Clary, Alec, Valentine and Magnus.

EDIT: Lol no I hate Cassanadra Clare and I’m not watching that god awful show, I’d rather choke. Stop supporting Cassandra Clare.