sassy holly


Mila: So what do you want for supper tonight? Or like… all week? 

Salim: Babe I’m really trying to work here. Anything is fine, just make sure Eddi will eat it.

Mila: ….. Okay, cranky…

Salim: -sighs- I’m sorry, babe. I’m just trying to get all of this work done. 

Mila: …. You know, you could ask for some help once in a while. You don’t have to do this all by yourself. I’m here, too.


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I did this drawing for my youtube channel.
I really loved Holly Blue Agate, her design is adorable . I wasn’t a big fan of how she treated the other earth gems. I sorta have a theory that our buff Jasper may have been living there at one point, which could explain why she flinched at Amethyst’s whip. What do you guys think?

Sassy Holly.

“Hollis.“ Frankie nods curtly in Holly’s direction.

“Franklin.” Holly nods back. “Always nice to see you.”

“Yes, I think it would be,” Frankie replies, cockiness heavy in her tone.

“Walk away that is,” Holly smirks. “Run along now, detective.”

Frankie hesitates for a few moments and then mumbles something under her breath as she leaves.

Feeling all too pleased with herself, Holly turns on her heel, and through no fault of her own, steps straight into her girlfriend, dropping her report in the process.

“You have no idea how incredibly turned on I am right now,” Gail says having witnessed their exchange. But by the way in which those blues eyes smoulder, Holly has a pretty good idea just how much.

*Clarke helps Lexa*

      Clarke: for my people

*Shaw helps Root*

      Shaw: for the mission

*Carmilla helps Laura*

      Laura: I know you didn’t just do that for –

      Carmilla: – OF COURSE IT WAS FOR YOU

  • Mattie: Alright so we're gonna need to sell some of these musty ass books to assist the university's financial recovery.
  • Mattie: *sends SWAT team in to take books*
  • Books: *high pitched squealing*
  • Library: *pulls some interdimensional evac shit and folds itself out of existence
  • Lafontaine: Amazing.