sassy hermione sassy

  • Harry: If any harm—
  • Draco: Comes to Hermione, you’ll rip out my arms. Got it.
  • Harry: I’m serious.
  • Draco: I know. Do you really think I’d put her in danger?
  • Harry: Not on purpose, but things happen that are out of your control.
  • Draco: You mean I'm not omnipotent?
  • Harry: You're not even semi-potent.
  • Draco: Is that even a word?
  • Hermione: He probably means you're impotent.
Imagine Draco on the Astronomy Tower When...
  • Pansy: *practically on top of Draco* Aww, Draco-poo, you like astronomy?
  • Draco: Why yes, I am a pretty big fan of space, both outer and personal.
  • Hermione: Basically he wants you to get off him.
  • (Harry: Amen to that)