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tagged by @sassy-kpop-glitter & @seokjinings to do the “describe myself using only pictures saved in my phone” tag!! thank you for the tag bby❣️ im honoured :’) 

1-2) kpop memes that sum me up: these two bc i’m lowkey confused all the time and probably don’t understand what’s happening plus apparently i have major resting bitch face???

3) things i like #1: spring time 🌸 it’s so pretty out n sunshiney and NO SNOW HAHA THANKS CANADA

4) things i like #2: travelling ✈️ i love exploring & new experiences; this pic is from tonglu, china where i did an internship last summer

5) things i like #3: my pupper 🐶 he’s my best friend, tho everyone else thinks hes evil??? i think it runs in the family…

6-7) my lockscreens: can u tell im in love with highlight and kikwang? honestly i don’t even use my phone for phone things… i just open it to stare at his beautiful face 😍 also pls ignore the obscene number of unread emails lmao

i tag @katbeom, @xg-gk, @youngkpoppin, @fuckyeah-got7imagines, @everyday6, @rabonghee and @notenoughdrama ♡

Quick rant about my posts

Recently I’ve got quite a few asks and messages telling me my posts are “really similar to [insert bts fan account name]” or that I’m “copying [insert bts fan account name]”

I’d just like to point out, yes, my posts are often similar to other BTS fan accounts, and sometimes I even get told I post exactly the same ‘incorrect quotes’ other bts accounts have. If I post the same quotes other accounts have it’s unintentional. I choose the quotes I find funniest that get used on incorrect quotes accounts for all sorts of fandoms, so there may well be a high chance it has already been done for BTS as it’s usually pretty obvious which member would say what. I’m sorry if it seems like I copy other accounts or if I post things that have already been done but I can tell you it’s completely unintentional and I’m just trying to post the things that seem the most realistic or fulfil the requests I already have the best I can. 

As for the “BTS as” posts, I’m now aware of several other accounts that posts very similar content. I wasn’t aware of their accounts until now and I apologise if it seems as if I am copying them. I actually started it as I took inspiration from a “Yuri!! On Ice as Dan and Phil” text post and decided to do a similar thing for BTS and all of the “BTS as” posts since have been requests. They may be similar to other accounts’ as I use stereotypes to make these posts: 

Jin = Pink things, glitter, sassy, fabulous, princess
Suga = Sleep, grumpy, swag
J-Hope = Sunshine, happy, screaming
Namjoon = Smart, clumsy, broken things
Jimin = Sweet, cute
V = Weird, silly
Jungkook = Emo, a kid/baby, iron man

So if it seems like I’m stealing ideas or copying other accounts I’m sorry but using these stereotypes of BTS is used by many different accounts, like incorrect quotes accounts or scenarios and reactions/fake text accounts. If I post something extremely similar to another count it is completely unintentional and I apologise. 

Welcome, new members!!

Hello everyone, 

As you know, we re-opened member applications for two weeks, ending on the 17th June. And we are happy to announce the new members of the network here:

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Welcome to our network of Inspirits for INFINITE! Please check out the member page and we guarantee you’ll find some new friends there ~

If you missed out on applications this time, don’t worry! We will re-open them again in the near future. And if you applied this time but you were unsuccessful, please try again next time and make sure you read the rules in full to make sure your blog fits our criteria (or that you typed your URL correctly)! 

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