sassy girl problems

too many kdramas, too little time.

Chicago Typewriter reached its end last week and Man X Man will reach its end this week. So after that I will have my Fri-Sat slot empty. 

Oops, I forget I probably add The Best Hit to Fri-Sat slot.

My Mon-Tue slot now is Lookout, although I already add Fight My Way and My Sassy Girl to my wish-list but probably I will add Circle to this slot. But I’m too attached to Lookout. 

Wed-Thu has really a lot of dramas: Suspicious Partner, Ruler: Master of The Mask, and Seven Days Queen. But I have watch none of them. 

And I probably add Father is Strange as my weekend drama.

well, too many kdramas, too little time.

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Lisa squeaked, jumping back to avoid another blast. “You’re a terrible shot!” She shouted, grinning, only to yelp and jump to avoid another shot.

“You’re faster than you look!” Kyira grinned cheekily, swinging her arm out to throw several ki blasts at once. “But I always… HIT MY MARK!” She suddenly vanished, Lisa only able to turn around with a gasp before the older woman had her pinned with one arm, her other hand glowing with a purple energy.

“And that’s how a real mamma jamma gets it done.” Lisa swallowed and nervously grinned as Kyira nearly howled with laughter, rolling off the demi-god. “Ohohoho! Wait till I tell Kakarot I kicked yer ass! He’ll be jealous fer a week!”


Today, my fifteen year old sister who wears pants under her skirts was stopped by her principal and told that her skirt was ‘inappropriate for school’ and that she should save dressing like that for 'weekend parties.’ My sister came home and made these posters, printed lots of copies of and plans to post them around her school. I have never been so proud. Dress codes are perpetuating rape culture and oppressive objectification towards women.

So we’re sitting in class and this guy comes in late and says “Man the girls bathroom ‘stanks like a mofo’ yall be bleedin and makin it smell like hot tuna” and some ppl started laughing, ticking off the minority of girls, including myself, and my teacher goes,“No no. Sometimes it just smells like bleeding vagina because most teen girls get periods and have to change their pads. Is that why it took you so long to get to class?”