sassy germany

The 2Ps as Fairy Tail characters

2P!America: Gray Fullbuster // reason – cool boys who strip, ‘nuff said

2P!China: Lyon Vastia (post time-skip) // reason – chill boys until they see the cute girl and doki doki

2P!England: Eve Tearm // reason – precious angel boys, ‘nuff said

2P!France: Zeref Dragneel // reason – gloomy and misunderstood boys

2P!Russia: Jellal Fernandes // reason – evil turned good ex villain, usually straight-faced

2P!Italy: Sting Eucliffe // reason – overconfident and sassy boys

2P!Germany: Natsu Dragneel // reason – strong and friendly boys

2P!Japan: Rogue Cheney // reason – stoic and quiet boys

2P!Canada: Gajeel Redfox // reason – another ex villain, except isn’t afraid to show a silly side, a great anti hero

2P!Romano: Lucy Heartfilia // reason – feminine and fabulous cuties, ‘nuff said

2P!Austria: Leo the Lion // reason – egotistical yet sweet boys

2P!Prussia: Romeo Conbolt (post time-skip) // reason – emotional and determined boys