sassy germany

The Olympics have officially become the rest of the world’s passive aggressive attacks towards all of the Anti-LGBTQ policies of Russia. 

And Germany’s sass cannot be contained. 

Waking up
  • 2p Germany: Hey Luci, how about you wake up now~
  • 2p Italy: Shut up alarm clock.
  • 2p Germany: I'll make you breakfast~
  • 2p Italy: You may continue alarm clock.
  • 2p Germany: Or we can cuddle a little baby~
  • 2p Italy: *kicks him* sassy alarm clock.
  • 2p Germany: Ah wtf Luci!
  • *In the other room*
  • 2p Spain: What is all this noise?
  • 2p South Italy: Luci's average romantic morning.

geritas-love-child  asked:

So I've noticed that in the early stages of dreamtalia, Germany secretly roast everyone, why'd you make him do that? Even though for him the fauchereve takes the form of ita, why would he insult italy?

because sassy germany is great

The 2Ps as Fairy Tail characters

2P!America: Gray Fullbuster // reason – cool boys who strip, ‘nuff said

2P!China: Lyon Vastia (post time-skip) // reason – chill boys until they see the cute girl and doki doki

2P!England: Eve Tearm // reason – precious angel boys, ‘nuff said

2P!France: Zeref Dragneel // reason – gloomy and misunderstood boys

2P!Russia: Jellal Fernandes // reason – evil turned good ex villain, usually straight-faced

2P!Italy: Sting Eucliffe // reason – overconfident and sassy boys

2P!Germany: Natsu Dragneel // reason – strong and friendly boys

2P!Japan: Rogue Cheney // reason – stoic and quiet boys

2P!Canada: Gajeel Redfox // reason – another ex villain, except isn’t afraid to show a silly side, a great anti hero

2P!Romano: Lucy Heartfilia // reason – feminine and fabulous cuties, ‘nuff said

2P!Austria: Leo the Lion // reason – egotistical yet sweet boys

2P!Prussia: Romeo Conbolt (post time-skip) // reason – emotional and determined boys

when you’re playing with your mates and you notice your bae taking pictures of you