sassy george

“Doin’ the Raccoon”

College colts, knowledge colts,
Do a dance called “Raccoon”.
It’s the craze, nowadays,
And it will get you soon.
Buy a coat and try it,
I’ll bet you’ll be a riot,
It’s a wow, learn to do it right now.

Highbrow, lowbrow, intermediate,
Make believe they’re all collegiate soon,
To do the Raccoon!

Raccoon coats don’t care who’s wearing ‘em,
Hall room boys will all be sharing 'em soon,
To do the Raccoon!

Ev'ry day its popularity grows,
It’s the most important item in clothes.

Ten bits down and though it scratches you,
Wear it 'til the sheriff catches you soon,
To do the Raccoon!

Rac, rac, rac, rac, rac-rac-rac raccoon!

that moment during class when you look up at the board after not paying attention for awhile