sassy gay doctor who

Class is great!

Due to…
- Tanya being totally smart
- the soundtrack and theme
- the terrorist/slave/teacher alien woman eating choclate like she’s a pterodactylus from torchwood (too sad there’s no Ianto to feed her)
- shadow aliens being totally creepy
- he is a Prince, a gay Prince, a gay Alien Prince
- as Miss Quill screams: “back off, we’re decorating!”
- as he says “from paradise” and she says “so, not Sheffield”
-the Doctor being referred to as “a legend in time”
- as the Polish boy (omg that accent) kisses the prince in the street
- a wild Doctor appearing in a dangerous moment
- the mysterious kabinet is not from IKEA
- again some alien is fought with a chair
- football is an unbelievingly boring sport
- so far abt ep 1