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Hannigram Fashion Designer AU Smut Drabble

Title: This Love’s Not Material
Length: 1,115
Pairing: Hannibal/Will

Will tried his best not to crush or crease the three thousand dollar dress shirt as he hiked it up to give Lecter the expanse of his contracting and flexing stomach. The man was sunk on his knees and his mouth was hard at work servicing his favourite little muse.

“You… still have to… pin me up. Fuck.” Will croaked out as he watched the famous Hannibal Lecter of the House of Mischa corkscrew his tongue around Will’s cock like a proper whore. Wouldn’t the media love a shot from Will’s perspective of the man’s thin lips stretched around the cock currently sinking to the back of his throat?

 A noise of struggle left Hannibal as he buried his nose into Will’s curls. Will’s toes curled up in his five hundred dollar shoes, and bunched up those alpaca wool one hundred dollar socks, and hell if he wasn’t going to explode all over his three hundred and fifty dollar boxer briefs, all stamped and labeled with Hannibal’s brand. He was wrapped up in the man, literally, he was his possession. 

Hannibal pulled back, his lips barely touching the velvety tip of Will’s cock. He murmured against it, lips sliding against the flushed, briny sheen. “I have this show planned down to the second. I have you planned to a second.” His grin between words was arrogant, but Will expected no less from a man even Vogue and Karl Lagerfeld worshipped. 

Then he wrapped his lips right back around Will and hell if he wasn’t going to upset his plans and come that very second. A moan left Will as he pressed back against the counter of the dressing room. His bare ass slid against the marble and his thighs stretched the sides of the pants to open just a bit more for Hannibal’s attention. 

“No… for real, asshole I’m going to j…jizz all over your damn designs, and… your fucking face.” Will growled out before it got caught up in a whine as Hannibal silenced him with a self-satisfied hum at the back of his throat. The vibrations massaged his cock and sent hot, white shocks of heat licking up his spine.

“Shit… shitshitshit.. I’m gonna’….” Will spasmed. Instead of sweet release he received a cool tightness around his cock in return. All the blood stopped and the pressure went from euphoric to almost unbearable within a second.

With the loving tap Hannibal gave his swollen cock, Will nearly tried to trip him. It bobbed there for a second, bright red and angry with a tight silver ring fit far too snugly at his base. That bastard. “You said last time would be the last time… I’m… I’m going to die if you keep doing this to me.” After the last cock ring incident Hannibal had stuck a vibrator up his ass and sent him out to canter across the catwalk half way through an orgasm. People had praised him afterwards for the almost “erotic” look he had. It had become his damn signature now… all because Hannibal couldn’t help but toy and torture him. One of these days his cock was going to spring out of his damn pants in front of the greedy fashion bloggers and designers. And he had to wonder if they’d simply lick Hannibal’s impeccable shoes and tell him how “bold” of a move it was in his show, or put Will’s modeling career in the trash. 

“You are young.” Hannibal replied, amused. His pin-pricked fingers were rough and snagged Will’s shaven face in his crushing grip. He was forced to stare the man in the face. He wanted to spit in it and capture it into a bruising kiss that would break the goddamn blood vessels in his lips. “Now be a good boy and turn.”

Their relationship was… complicated.

Will huffed out and turned around to allow Hannibal to straighten him out and slip on the most expensive embroidered suit vest followed by a gorgeous blood red pea coat. Hannibal’s style was sophisticated and traditional but there was always something dangerous or edgy to the designs, that or something completely flamboyant. The man himself was well known for his ridiculous plaid suits and paisley ties, and Will was the very picture of his design.

Hannibal’s expert hands adjusted his outfit and quaffed his hair just so. Will’s back arched back to rub his ass up against Hannibal’s semi tucked neatly away against the seam of his pants. If he was going to suffer, so was Hannibal. “When I get back, do you promise to fuck me good?” Will yelped out when a pin was “accidentally” nicked into his back. Dick. “No? You want me to fuck you instead then?”

In the mirror in the change room he watched as Hannibal grinned, satisfied, behind his shoulder. Once he was pinned he felt Hannibal’s hand reach around to grip at his concealed and contained erection. “You be a good boy tonight William, you sell my designs with that gorgeous face of yours and I will treat you fairly.”

“Penthouse and champagne?” Will arched a bit before a single squeeze turned him to jello in Hannibal’s hand.

Call it vain or narcissistic, but Will watched himself in the mirror as Hannibal nosed up his throat and his hand worked on his cock. He tucked it and hid it properly with an expensive leather belt and proper draping.

“And restraints and wax.” Hannibal added on, letting his teeth graze along the stretch of skin, both a warning and a promise. Will shuddered in his hands.

Weren’t they just the picture of fucked up and gorgeous?

“Now, get out there my beautiful boy. I have this show planned down to a second.” Hannibal slipped away and tucked a few strands of his own hair away. The other designers and event planners knew not to bother him when he was with Will, but it was show time.

Will watched the man leave, his eyes trailing after him hungrily, already excited for that night.

With that he exited the changing room and followed the manager up to the stage. His cock was still hard, perhaps even leaking on Hannibal’s precious designs. But his eyes had a glazed look to them, his lips parted and head raised not in confidence, but as if the sheer pleasure from every brush of fabric had him slowly canting upwards to look for God.

Will moved through the curtains and as the dark classical music played he took his first few steps into the sea of bright flashes. With one look at him the judgmental gazes melted into wonder.

Oh yes, he was most certainly going to be rewarded tonight.

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