sassy franta

Do you ever read something so sarcastic that you just feel the sass flowing through your veins

Connor Franta Imagine for Anon (:


Better Thank Him.

“HELL YEAH, LET’S CRASH THE PARTY LIKE WE DON’T CARE. OH WOOOOAAHHH. HELL YEAHHHHHHH. LET’S CRASH THE PARTY LIKE WE DON’T CAREEEEEEEEEEE.” you sang along to Hell Yeah by Midnight Red while cleaning your cute little apartment. You knew you were probably disturbing the neighbors, but hey at least its good music. You were in some black sweats and a tight, yet comfortable lime green tank top.

“TURN UP THE LIGHTTTSSSSS, AND LOSE YOURSELF TONIGHTTTTT. TOUCH SOMEBODYS BODY. ITS ALRIGHTTTTTTTT TO LOSE YOURSELF TONIGHTTTTT. TAKE YOUR CHANCE AND DO JUST WHAT YOU LIKEEEE.” (theres more to that part but im to lazy to write it all lmfao) Once the song ended you finished dusting and quickly jumped off the stool you were on. You were met with the face of your best friend, Connor. He looked very amused. You ran to turn off the next song that begin to play.

“CONNORRRR! What are you doing here!?” You asked surprised, yet happily. You ran over to hug him, despite how sweaty you were from cleaning. “I decided to come over a little early than the rest of the crew because I was really bored and doing nothing to be honest.” he said while gladly hugging you back. You were hanging out with the rest of O2L and a couple of the gal pals later, which is why you were cleaning so intensely. 

“Oh, well I’m not doing anything better.” You laughed, looking around you cluttered apartment that still needed quite a bit of work. “Yes you are! Watching you clean and dance is much better than laying in bed listening to the boys being rowdy. I’ll even help you clean.” He suggested, picking up some all purpose cleaner.

“You sure you really want to help. I still got quite a bit to do. The only thing done is my room.” You said looking towards the direction of your bedroom. He laughed, “I wouldn’t be over here if i wasn’t being serious about helping you. Plus its always good to get a little break from those crazy animals.” He joked, referring to the O2L guys. 

“Oh, come on Connor. They’re not that bad!” You said, stating your honest opinion. He looked at you serious, “Y/N, you don’t live with them.” You shrugged, “Good point." 

"Excatlyyyy.” he said beginning to spray your little bar counter thing. (sorry i have no idea what the hell there called) “Don’t get sassy with me now Franta.” you laughed and threw a roll of paper towels at him, mostly for a laugh, but also to wipe off the counter.

He looked at you in shocked. “You did not!” You smirked at him, “Oh, but I did.” you encouraged. Next thing you knew he came at you and you were on the couch being tickled to death. “CON- CONNO- CONNOOORRR STAPH.” (that sounds so wrong lmao) you managed to get out inbetween laughs. “Never!” he shouted and continued tickling you.

After what felt like hours he stopped. You tried to catch your breathe and get up, but he wouldn’t let you. “Oh, please. You thought I was done? Ha, nope.” he laughed and began tickling you yet again.

“WOOOAH WHAT DO WE GOT GOING ON UP IN HERE!?” you heard someone screaming from the door, instantly recognizing it as Ricky. Connor instantly got off you and bursted out laughing. He picked the paper towels up off the ground and wiped off the counter. “Connor thought it would be funny to tickle me because I threw paper towels at him.” you explained to get ride of the awkward tension. 

“And why did you throw paper towels at him?” Ricky asked. “He was being sassy.” you laughed and got up to give Ricky a hug. “Psfttt.” Connor laughed. You rolled your eyes at him playfully, “So what are you doing here so early, and not to be rude but how did you get in?” you asking knowing that Connor was the only one of the guys with a key to your apartment.

“Well, I have lots of party food down in my car and I thought I could help you set up. And Mr. Franta here left the door unlocked. "Connor!” you laughed and pushed his shoulder lightly. “Haha, sorry not sorry Y/N." 

"Come help me get the food Connor.” Ricky commanded and began walking towards the door. “I can help too.” you suggested. “Naw, that’s okay Y/N. But thanks for offering.” “Yep, no problem.”

You sighed and looked around at the living room, it was coming along quite nicely. You weren’t so sure as to why you were cleaning, considering its gonna be a mess once everyone leaves. Oh well. You were picking a couple things off the ground when you heard the door open. Knowing it was the guys you didn’t bother to look up and continued to pick of the stuff laying on the floor. “OH GIRL. DAT BOOTY DOE.” you heard Ricky yell and sound like he slapped Connor.

You turned around to them laughing like the dorks they are. You shook you head as you placed things were they were suppose to go. Connor and Ricky sat themselves on the couch and stared at whatever. You looked around the room and thought it was clean enough. “Hey guys im going to go take a shower and get ready. You know, and all those extra girly things.” you guys laughed and they nodded.

************after you get ready and the rest of the crew arrives************

You guys were currently just eating food and chatting with one another. You looked around at everyone just enjoying themselves, and it made you happy, especially since you were apart of it. You looked over at Connor chatting with Kian and Jc. There was always this crush you had on him. You thought over time that it would go away, since most do right? But it has yet to vanish. You still believe that one day it will hopefully go away since he wouldn’t go for his best friend anyhow. Until then, you just decide to enjoy him.

Not all of the guys knew you liked Connor, only Kian, Trevor, Ricky, Andrea, and Lia knew. It’s not that you wanted to hide it from them, its just it never really came up and the ones that know could see it in your eyes. You notice Kian look over at you and give you a smirk. He must have seen you gawking at Connor. Kian gives this look to Ricky and you wonder what the hell it meant.

“OKAY GUYS. I THINK WE SHOULD GET CAUGHT UP ON OUR CRUSHES. SO WE SHOULD ALL TELL WHO OUR CURRENT CRUSH IS, IT’LL BE LIKE WERE IN HIGH SCHOOL AGAIN.” Ricky yelled so everybody would be able to hear. Well, know you know what the look meant. “But we should add a little twist, we should have each other guess who likes who. Also couples aren’t allowed to play *cough* Kian and Andrea *cough*” Ricky added making everyone laugh.

Greaaaaaaatttttt, you thought.

Sam and Jc went first, than whoever else except you or Connor. (In this Jc and Lia arent together yet but their crushin) Now it was either him or you. “Connor!” Kian picked. “Since Y/N is your best friend…who do you think she has a crush on?” he asked. Connor looked over at you with a adorable smirk. Little did you know, inside he wanted to do anything but smile. The thought of you liking someone besides him made him really sad.

“Hmmm! Ugh! I know this one!” he spoke thinking hard. It went all quite for a second. “Oh! I got it! That blonde guy from that band!” he spoke proudly, trying to act all happy when all he really wanted to do was be the only guy you ever think about like that. If only he knew, that he was.

“You got to be more specific than that, Connor.” Jc laughed. “I don’t remember Luke something?” he guessed.

“NO YOU BIG DUMBY ITS YOU. SHE LIKES YOU!” Trevor randomly shouted out. Everyone turned to look at him in shock, especially the ones who knew about your liking to Connor. You could feel you anxiety level getting higher. “I’m just gonna go to the bathroom…” you say getting up and awkwardly excusing yourself. Good thing you were on the same side as your room was and Connor was siting on the opposite side of the room.

Once you exited everyone looked at Connor. He looked beyond suprised, but also like a little kid on Christmas, he was hard to read at the moment. “Bro? You gotta go talk to her.” Sam spoke up. “You like her back anyways don’t you?" 

Connor nodded and everyone got a littler happier, knowing that your guys’ friendship would be broken, and maybe you guys could get together. "Your right. I’m going to go talk to her.” Connor smiled to everyone and went to go do exactly what he said. He exited the room, and once he did everyone began scolding Trevor for saying what he did.

“Y/N?” Connor knocks on your door. Theres no reply. He knocks once again but gets the same response. He decides to walk in, getting met with a dark room filled with your sobs. He finds you in the corner of the room, grasping onto a teddy bear your dad gave you when you were young, crying.

He comes over to you slowly and sits next to you and gently puts his arm around you. He feels you tense up. “Why are you crying Y/N/N (your nickname if you have one…)?” You don’t reply, but instead the tears come harder.

“Please, please tell me why your crying.” he pleads. You sigh and get ready for a big speal. “Because Connor. I just know that i’ll never ever be as pretty as any of the other girls you meet on a daily basis. And now that you know I like you it scares me so much to think that it might creep you out and you’ll leave me. I mean, I wouldn’t blame who you, who would want someone as ugly as me liking them. I don’t even see why your friends with me. I’m to ugly to even be your friend.” you sigh and cry more. You feel Connor squeeze you closer to him, making your heart race.

“Okay, first of all Y/N, you are farrrrrrrrrrr from ugly. Yes, there are other pretty girls in the world, everyone is beautiful. But you, oh my gosh. I have had the biggest crush on you since like a year or so after we met. I never thought anything of it really, I thought it was just a school girl crush and it would go away but I was way wrong. All it did was gradually get bigger. I would never leave you for something as little as this. Even I didn’t like you back, I wouldn’t even think about leaving you, ever. And I don’t base my friends on looks. I base them on the beauty on the inside, and you have the most beauty i’ve ever seen Y/N.” Connor says looking straight into your eyes. You wanna believe it, but your scared too.

“Your just saying that…” you say looking away. You feel him pull your face to look at him. “I mean every single word I said Y/N. You are the most beautiful girl ive laid eyes on. Your beyond gorgeous inside and out. And well….I love you. Like alot. Not just as a friend either. I love you as much more than that. Y/N, I love you so, much.” He says and then leans in and kisses you. You couldn’t believe it, it felt much to good to be true. Nothing could ruin this moment. His lips felt like one of the missing puzzle piece to happiness. Daw, he was perfect.

You slowly pulled away and hugged him tightly, partially sitting on his lap. “I love you so much Y/N.” Connor tells you again. “I love you too Connor.” You reply and kiss him again. This is what youve been missing out on. This is what you needed. Connor.

Better thank Trevor later.

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