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  • Bard: You would go to war for a handful of gems?
  • Thranduil: The heirlooms of my people are not to be taken lightly
  • Gandalf: Have you not learned anything from the Silmarillion?
  • Thranduil: Yes; never trust dwarves or you'll get killed for a necklace
Out of context screenshots are hilarious. Just sayin’.


From Five to Nine…

The Secret Message… 

Dance With Devils…

Fated to Love You…

Oh My Venus…

Reply 1988…

Cheer Up!

Because It’s the First Time… 

(Not so) Public Displays of Affection

Relationship: Even Bech Næsheim/Isak Valtersen

Summary: Jonas would like to be grossed out at how in love they are, but he can’t. Isak spends the rest of the night curled around Even’s chest, still animatedly debating with Magnus over some stupid topic while playing with Even’s hands. Or his hoodie string. Or his sleeve. Anything he can get his hands on, really. Or five times Isak was comfortable with PDA around his friends, and the one time he was comfortable with it in public

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  • <p> <b>Me to my tarot deck:</b> *worrying about my earlier 3-card reading* I'm gonna need you to clarify. You're all over the place and I just want to know how my night will go.<p/><b>Cards:</b> Four of swords.<p/><b>Me:</b> Don't tell me to relax. You relax.<p/></p>

So uh, my little sister’s birthday is this weekend.

She’s an absolute doll, I love her to bits, sassy five-soon-six year old kiddo that’s a total princess. We don’t say it, but she’s actually only half related to me. Same Dad, different mothers. Doesn’t make me love her any less though!

And I, um, well, I kind of… want to wear a dress for her birthday party?

I normally don’t do that kind of stuff. Things like dresses and heels and anything beyond a ponytail for my hair.

But, I’m already planning on going dress shopping with my Mum tomorrow? And I might get like some nice dress shoes or something?

The only problem I have is that I don’t know how to feel??????? I’m doing it bc I love my baby sis and she’s always wanted to see me in a dress, but I’m worried I might feel uncomfortable like that even if I wear shorts or something under it.

But I’m gonna do it anyways and hope for the best….. sorry for rambling, had to get this out of my system. Sorry!


Day 1 we had the YGO panel and the photoshoot; i was lucky enough to be able to help co-panel with @voicesofchaos and it was such a hella good time, I was so glad to be able to interact with all of the fandom and hear everyone’s fun stories about Yu-Gi-Oh (and also to just make my stupid sassy quips every five seconds XD )

I went as Ray Akaba on day 1 (and I’m sorry for being a walking spoiler but not too much).  I was reallll psyched to find a Zarc and I know we had a separate part of the photoshoot together but I don’t have that pic so if anyone wants to tag me in that i’d love to see it -finger guns-

I don’t remember everyone’s tumblr handles or anything so if you see yourself tag yourself!!

  • them: what's your dream Star Trek crew?
  • me: Captain - Janeway, first officer - Kira nerys, engineering - b'elanna Torres, medical - Beverly crusher, security - Tasha yar, science - jadzia Dax
  • them: that's all the women
  • me: ..... Your point?
How I Met Your Mother

Okay, so I just finished watching all 9 seasons of How I Met Your Mother ( in under a month) 

i’m so satisfied, Annoyed, and sad. - i’m on some sort of emotional rollercoaster. 

so lets begin. 

My favourite things about the series was ( in no particular order) 

- Barney when he is totally in love with Robin 

- The friend ship between the five 

- Sassy Marshall 

- Ted’s Smile 

- the fact that Ted looks like Chai Cameron, ( i men they have the same smile)

- How Ted Met Tracy  ( so cute) 

- How similar and perfect Ted and Tracy are 

- The Slap Bet 

- The Pray Five 

- the Smurfs References that would make sense if you have seen the Smurfs movies 

-  season 9 up until the last episode 

- Barney’s Bachelor Party 

- the fact that Lin-Manuel Miranda is in it 

- the fact that the episode that Lin-Manuel is in, is all rhyming, and that he does a little rap 

- the Suit Musical Number 

- the musical Numbers through out the show 

-the way barney Proposed to Robin 

- the play book  

- how Excited Ted Gets about stuff 

-Robin Sparkles 

- laser Tag 

- How much barney Loves his mother 

- Marvin’s first words 

- the Yellow Umbrella 

- Ranjit 

- The fact that Marshall’s dad and patrick Star are the same person 


- Mickey’s dumb board games from terrible ideas 

- I Would walk 500 miles 

- how reliable Linus Is 

- Barney’s fake  family 

-how people think Ted and Marshall are gay 

- Marshall and Lily’s nicknames 

- the fact that Jack Frost was in it ( a.k.a martin Short) 

-that Robbie Ameil’s character was a dog 

- that Jayma mays was in it, ( she is from the Smurfs Movies, along side Neil Patrick Harris) 

- that Rhys Darby was in it and kept his new Zealand Accent 

-the fact that Lily can’t keep a secret 

- How Lily and Marshal tell each other everything 

- How  they all text each other in weird time ( such as going to the bathroom) 

- How they measure how their number 2 is going and send emojis 

-That Ted is the best friend ever 

- Ted and Tracy’s best moments 

- when Ted eats bacon for the first time 

-detective Mosby, and how he is always a wrong by a smitch 

-how sandwich is code for Pot 

-the Ring Bear 

-star wars 

- Marvins lullaby

- that we still don’t know where the Pineapple came from 

- the Pineapple episode 


- when barney is jealous 

-the Goat 

- the episode when they point out each thing thats annoying about each other *glass breaks*

-  how Lily brings a 6 pack with her, for marshal when she goes away 

- the high fives 

-that time they were in a band 

- challenge accepted 

-the naked guy 

- the fact that Lily is marshall’s one and only 

- their booth 

-the super bowl episode 

- when they jump over to the other roof top 

-sword fights 

- that Ted is Nerd and doesn’t care 

- when Future ted and barney  come, and chat with Ted and barney 

- that Marshal and Lily’s apartment was on a lean 

- How Barney Surprised Robin with their rehearsal dinner  

Things i ate about the series 

- Robin and Teds relationships 

- that Robin is always the reason that Girls break-up with  Ted 

- that Robin and Barney’s marriage only lasts 3 years 

- that Robin can’t have children 

- that Lily and marshal were broken up for a period of time 

- that there aren’t more musical numbers 

- that the episode when Ted and barney are talking to future ted and barney, and Robin and Marshal are fighting over a drink name, didn’t happen and Ted was just alone : ( 

- that we didnt met Tracy sooner 

- that we never saw Marshall as  judge 

- how Ted was forever in love with Robin 

- that stupid locket 

- how Tracy ended up dying 

- How Ted and Tracy’s kids got out of the whole season was that Ted loved Robin 

- That Ted went back to Robin at the end 

- that we didn’t get to see Ted and tracy’s wedding 

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