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The Star Wars saga rated by Anakin Skywalker
  • The Phantom Menace: He's a cute lil kid, even if his acting is really "eh". Destroying the droid control ship is still pretty ridiculous. 4/10
  • Attack of the Clones: Romance with Padme could've been better. Like a lot better. Has his moments tho. 3/10
  • The Clone Wars: The absolute pinnacle of Anakin content. Most of his best moments are in this show. Adds much more depth to what happens to him later on. 100/10
  • Revenge of the Sith: Much better here than he was in episode 2. Relationship with Padme is much more believable, which unfortunately doesn't last long lmao. Murders the Separatists which is cool. Murders some kids too which is less cool. Gets his ass set on fire. Creepy old fart puts him in a big high tech garbage can to keep him alive. 7/10
  • Rebels: The fight with Ahsoka. Nuff said. 100,000,000/10
  • A New Hope: Killed his old master, got stranded in the middle of space for a bit. Was the only survivor of the Death Star and prolly got lots of lectures from Palpatine because of it. All in all not his best work but at least he looked cool. 5/10
  • The Empire Strikes Back: What can I say. Has a cool new flagship, storms the rebel base, sets up a trap for them, kicks Luke's ass and reveals he's his father. Also some of his best sass "Apology accepted, Captain Needa". 10/10
  • Return of the Jedi: Has some more sassy lines "The Emperor is not as forgiving as I am". Saves his son and sacrifices himself to kill the creepy old fart. Death scene gets me every time. 10/10
  • The Force Awakens: Long dead here, but his legacy is more than alive thanks to his shit grandson who ruined everything like his grandfather before him. Poor Anakin is prolly facepalming up in force heaven. 4/10

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Can we talk about the fact that Kai was on the rampion for maybe a couple of weeks and by that time pretty much all the characters have become friends with him or at least trust him and this could be because cinder trusts him but I also think everyone that meets Kai pretty much falls in love with him instantly idk

Yes, we can. I’m pretty sure that yeah, anyone who meets kai falls in love instantly (thorne was playing hard to get and you know it). I’m pretty sure they try to stay distant because he’s a friction’ emperor but they really can’t because he’s so kind and friendly and also because whoever dares challenge him gets sassed into oblivion

Day 8- Secret Santa

(Thank you for requesting this! I was asked to tag the person who requested this but I accidentally deleted the ask! IM SORRY!! But the idea behind this is Aomine is Kagami’s secret santa, who he has a big crush on. Enjoy!)

Aomine glanced through the windows of yet another store, hands shoved deep into his coat as he scowled. He hated shopping. Even more so, he hated shopping during the holidays. The music was too repetitive, people were greedy and rude, and it was too damn cold to be outside. Aomine never argued when someone called him a Grinch; it wasn’t exactly far from the truth. But even knowing all that, Kuroko had texted him telling him that he was now a “Secret Santa” and needed to buy a gift for one of their friend’s, who was picked randomly for him by Akashi. And who did the sassy emperor pick? Of course, his redheaded, larger clone, Kagami Taiga. For anyone else, this wouldn’t be a big deal; simply get Kagami something small, probably a new basketball, and be done with it. But no, not for Aomine, and that’s what irritated him the most. Kuroko knew he had a crush on the redhead, and he was fairly certain with how manipulative his best friend and Akashi were, this was completely rigged. They knew he would have no idea what to get the larger redhead and be out here looking around in a mall that he hated.
“Aomine-kun, you should get out and enjoy the holidays a bit more.”
Aomine snorted. Random choosing, my ass.
Sighing in defeat, and deciding it would be better to simply try to find something for Kagami rather than get pissed at his friends, Aomine moved on to the next store. He wanted to get something meaningful for the redhead, something he would really love, and possibly, much to Aomine’s embarrassment, cause the boy to break out in a huge smile. A smile that Aomine had quickly become addicted too. Groaning inwardly at his own love struck thoughts, the blue haired boy trudged further on, passing shop after shop, getting even more irritated as time went by. Just as he was going to leave, Aomine happened to pass a cooking store, the shiny, new items catching his eye. He remembered Kagami loved to cook. Maybe he would find something, or at least he hoped he would as he entered the store.

“Ok, last but not least, Kagami this is your gift from your secret Santa,” Kise cheerfully handed over the medium sized box, the snowman wrapping bright and cheerful, courtesy of Momoi.
Aomine crossed his arms, his face permanently scowling as he sat on Kise’s couch. They were all gathered together, doing their gift exchanges, and of course Aomine’s present to Kagami was last. Looking out of the corner of his eye, he saw Kuroko and Akashi grin to themselves, the action making him even more irritated. He was nervous as well, but he wasn’t going to let it show. There was no way Kagami was going to find out he was the redhead’s secret Santa, so it was best to act indifferent.
“Ok thank you,” Kagami smiled politely as he took the box, pulling the wrapping off and turning the box so he could see the front picture.
Aomine watched as Kagami’s red eyes got wide as he took in what was on the box. When he fully understood, the large boy shot up to his feet, the box in hand, his voice louder than normal.
“Holy shit! Who bought this?!”
Kuroko’s voice rang out as Aomine got tense, “Kagami-kun the point of a secret Santa is so that you don’t know who gave you the gift.”
The redhead looked at his best friend frantically, “But Kuroko this is a really expensive kettle! It’s one of the top types you can get and it is highly recommended! This is a huge gift!”
Kuroko’s eyes got a bit wide at the information, his eyes darting to Aomine for a quick second before looking away. Himuro stood up next to his brother as the silence stretched on.
“Taiga, you have to say thank you instead of trying to find your Santa.”
Kagami looked at his brother, bewildered, then back down to the box in his hands, his fingers gripping it tight. Aomine’s eyes got wide, his heart stuttering as Kagami looked up, the brightest smile he had ever seen gracing the redhead’s lips.
“Thank you to my Santa. This is amazing.”
Aomine only remembered to breathe as everyone started moving and speaking again, Kuroko coming over to hit him on the back, making sure he was still alive.
“Are you ok, Aomine-kun? Have some tea. Here.”
Nodding absently, Aomine took the cup and sipped the warm liquid as he watched Kagami sit on the floor, his hands already pulling the kettle out of the box, his face lit up like a child’s with a new toy.  He really was stupidly in love with the redhead. Choking on the liquid, Aomine went into a coughing fit, everyone in the room staring at him as Kuroko just grinned.



So I would just like to thank Marissa Meyer for making this awesome, well-rounded, terribly flawed, charming, sweet, sarcastic, caring, sassy emperor <3

(also i’m never letting go of those yuzuru hanyu gifs)