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4x02: White Out
I get a distressed call from a fair maiden and I’m on the spot.  

100 times captain swan made me cry: #23

Five reasons why I ship SwanQueen

There are a zillion reasons why I ship SwanQueen but if I had to narrow them down to just five, here they are:

1) The characters that make up Swan Queen

Other than the ship itself, I love both Regina and Emma as individuals. Regina is the sassy queen while Emma is the badass savior. They have a lot in common. Both are survivors, make powerful magic and want the same things in life i.e. love and family. Both know the pain of losing their first loves and know what it’s like to be rejected and misunderstood. Both put up walls but show vulnerability to those closest to them. Both have their faults and make so many mistakes but learn from them and keep moving forward. That’s exactly what make their story so compelling.

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2) True love is sacrifice

In the early seasons, Emma saved Regina from the fire and also pushed Regina away from the wraith at the expense of her own safety. 


Later, Regina absorbed a death curse to save Emma…

and offered to die to save Emma and her family in season 2 finale.


In season 3, when Regina has to give up what she loves most, she bestowed Emma with the “gift of good memories”.


In season 4, Regina risked her life by drawing the Chernabog towards herself and away from Emma. Later she went undercover with the Queens of Darkness to protect Emma’s lightness. In the finale, Emma sacrificed herself to save Regina from having to go dark again.

In season 6, Regina risked everything to find Emma in another realm. 


If giving up everything for someone is true love then SwanQueen have already proven it with their actions.

3) From hate to love

Emma and Regina have had a classic arc of enemies to reluctant allies to BFFs/family that developed naturally over the course of 6 seasons. They started out basically wanting to kill each other but now they would die for each other. They went from “I don’t care what happens to you” to “I want you to stay safe”, from “Miss Swan” to “Emma”, from “my son” to “our son”, from “I will destroy you” to “maybe I need you”. No other ship on the show beats that kind of development.

4) They empower each other

Time and time again, Emma and Regina have demonstrated that they are stronger together than apart.

Regina’s development is largely thanks to Emma (and of course Henry). Since season 2, Emma has believed in Regina when everyone else was against her and especially when Regina doubted herself.


Emma was the one who taught Regina about hope by never giving up on her.


On the other hand, Regina sees Emma as an innately good person. 

But when Emma acts less than perfect, Regina fights for her light.

Regina remained steadfast in her belief that goodness resided in Emma even when she was the Dark One.

In short, Emma and Regina uplift, support and motivate each other to be their best selves.

5) They are a family with Henry

Both Emma and Regina are mothers, who love their shared son more than anything. They do make a lovely family, don’t they?

Emma loves to co-parent with Regina so much that she was willing to raise another child with her without being asked. ;)

My 2nd submission for @whyweloveswanqueen

  • Emma Anemone: Every girl wants to date a prince charming/princess.
  • Agatha: Why should I want a prince charming when I have a King that treats me like the Queen I am?
  • Tagatha: *high fives*
  • Hort: Why can't we be like that?
  • Sophie: Because you're a peasant.