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under the cut is 189 gif icons of lauren jauregui·from the successful american girl group fifth harmony. all of these gifs could be displays of negative emotions or reactions including anger, sadness, sass/attitude & pouting. none of these gifs belong to me but i did resize & crop them all myself over a long period of time!! please like or reblog this post if you’re using/saving/etc.

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Sabe, eu acho que você deveria tirar uma foto, dura mais e não gasta minha paciência, o que você acha? Até porque eu não sou fucking obrigado a ficar olhando pra sua cara feia.

Okay, so, my eyes may or may not have started leaking water a little bit ago when I mentioned my dogs. I wasn’t crying, okay? I don’t cry. Anyways. So, I FaceTimed my mom and she let me say hi to the dogs, and only Lola was there at first, so she went in search of Sassy so I could say hi, and she totally found her taking a crap right on the bedroom floor. I told my parents cream carpet was a terrible idea, but did they listen to me? Sassy showed ‘em, and it was an excellent end to a boring Monday.