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Dramaland Forecast: June 2017

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  • Radiant Office – the little underdog that could! This show has nothing new to offer, but it was packaged with such warmth and heart and agonizing relatability that I fell for the Suicide Squad as they tried to prove they were worth being given a chance. This is currently my favorite show of the year – at least for now.
  • Whisper – what a wild and crazy ride. This is a show that, if left to my own devices, I probably would have dropped. Lee Bo Young and Kwon Yul kept my attention (poor Lee Sang Yoon and his eyebrows did their best, but I’m not sure if he’s really cut out for this kind of intensely dramatic role), and the show was utterly stolen by Kim Hyung Mook as Secretary Song. While I enjoyed the constant allusions to real-life corruption, this wasn’t what I’d consider to be one of Park Kyung Soo’s better dramas.
  • Tunnel – I can appreciate it intellectually for what it was trying to do and what it accomplished, the concept was interesting, the cast was pretty great (Yoon Hyun Min was perfect as ever, but as much as I love Sexy Demon Daddy, he really needed to dial down the shouting). But for whatever reason, it didn’t grab me as it should have. On paper it has everything I’d want in a mystery/thriller, but in reality it was difficult giving it my full attention and my heart just couldn’t connect with any of the characters. I enjoyed it for the most part, but it’s going to be one of those dramas that I’ll immediately forget I ever watched.
  • Individualist Ms. Ji Young – this drama special hit some very painful nerves but in the best way. There are shadows of Flower Boy Next Door with the bubbly neighbor that barges his way into the life of the loner-next-door. But there’s also a darker sadness and realness here that one doesn’t always find in dramas. Perhaps that’s why, even beyond the fact it’s only two 1-hour episodes, this felt more like a movie than a drama. This is by far my favorite romance I’ve watched this year, which probably tells you too much about my tastes (or at least my inner world).

Currently watching:

  • Super Family 2017
  • Chicago Typewriter

Recent premieres I plan to check out when I have a chance:

  • Fight My Way
  • Lookout
  • Circle


  • My Sassy Girl – despite loving Joo Won in Gaksital, I just haven’t been able to get into his other dramas. I also have a terrible track record for sageuks, be they fusion or not. This means it’s on the “skip” list even if I have hopes for the fantastic Oh Yeon Seo in the titular role.
  • Suspicious Partner – I loved this writer’s previous work (All About My Romance; Protect the Boss) so this may go into the watch list eventually, but nothing I’ve heard so far has made me want to immediately pick it up.

Upcoming dramas of interest:

  • The Best Hit – I am really excited about this one, because I loved the docu-style from Producer until it turned into a standard drama. I also love Yu PD, and Cha Tae Hyun has been my favorite of the 1N2D members ever since the original crew moved on to other things, so I’m curious to see how they’ll handle directing their first-ever drama together. Also, as a fan of the slice-of-life genre, I’m hoping it will be along those lines just based on the premise. Last but not least, this cast is incredible, and I’m already anticipating a slew of cameos.
  • Duel – I was only vaguely interested in this because it’s from the writer of Nine: Nine Times Time Travel and Queen In Hyun’s Man (and I’m assuming this is the writer who focused on the more sci-fi mind-bendy aspects of those dramas ‘cause this one has clones) but given a choice to recap this one, I took it, because I have a feeling this will be fun to write about.
  • Forest of Secrets – I’m hoping giving this one up for Duel won’t haunt me because omg this caaaaaaaaaaast.
  • Woman of Dignity – I’m so nervous and conflicted. I adore Kim Sun Ah and Kim Hee Sun, and having them work together in a show is like a dream come true. But I really hated the writing of SWDBS and don’t trust this writer to do these incredible women justice. *fingers crossed for a miracle*
  • Bad Guys: Age of Evil – everyone’s gnashing their teeth that the original crew aren’t coming back but I’m over here already anticipating Park Sung Woong and (possibly) Kang Ha Neul.

As always, any drama not listed means I have nothing new to add since the last mention and/or it’s not something I care about enough to add to the list.

Peaky Blinders Reacts | You Sass Him

Requested by anon: What would the Peaky Blinders do if you talk to ‘em sassy?

Alfie Solomons

He would laugh as you challenged him, but not out of sarcasm. He would laugh from amusement at how his girlfriend seemed to amaze him him everyday.

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Arthur Shelby

Arthur would sit back and enjoy the sass you threw at the men who continued to try and hit on you. You and Arthur weren’t together, but you soon would be after he witnessed your amusing sass. gif credit to owner

Tommy Shelby

You had caught him off guard for a second, then he regained a composure as a smirk appeared on his face. He definitely picked the right woman to be his wife.

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John Shelby

John would immediately be turned on as you continued to sass him and put him in his place. He would most likely just throw you over his shoulder and take you to bed as you still threw sassy comments at him, knowing exactly what it did to him.

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Finn Shelby

Finn would be surprised that his girlfriend had so much sass in her as he thought you were just an innocent and kind little thing. He would just stare at you, dumbfounded and kind of aroused. gif credit to owner

Michael Gray

Michael would not bite his tongue and sass you right back, causing an entire argument to break out. The argument later leads to hot sex as Michael couldn’t hide how aroused you had made him by your sass.

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Isaiah Jesus

Isaiah would be the type of boyfriend to let you sass him because a lot of the time, he deserved it. On days that your sass would catch him off guard he would silently sulk over the fact that he knew his girlfriend was right.

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under the cut is 189 gif icons of lauren jauregui·from the successful american girl group fifth harmony. all of these gifs could be displays of negative emotions or reactions including anger, sadness, sass/attitude & pouting. none of these gifs belong to me but i did resize & crop them all myself over a long period of time!! please like or reblog this post if you’re using/saving/etc.

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theladychelsea  asked:

Wentworth Miller was answering questions on facebook, and when asked if he has a favorite flower, he responded, "I'm partial to roses. I like 'em sassy and shameless. Over-the-top." which makes me think that Snart is EXACTLY the same

I SAW THAT LOL god I love wentworth and his humor, u ever see that video he uploaded where he told that duck joke? that’s my favorite fucking joke it’s not even funny but it made me laugh so hard

Coffee Shop AU Part 1

Audrey Jensen X Reader (Y/N)

Audrey Fic list here

This might end up being a series, who knows. Hope you guys like this. Wanted to post something.

Summery (working summery): It’s been 5 years since the Lakewood murders and what is left of the Lakewood 6 now attend college at ULW. Audrey still to that day is haunted by Lakewood’s past. Y/N is a transfer student at ULW with a past of her own. Audrey and Y/N cross paths one afternoon at the cafe and don’t realize that their pasts will eventually catch up with them.

Audrey was shoveling coffee into a filter to get a fresh pot brewing. It was a Monday afternoon in Lakewood on a rainy day and soon the college crowd would be bursting in and taking over the tables with their study groups and homework. She fixes the machine and presses the brewing button. Audrey goes to the counter and picks up a rag and starts wiping off the counter near the register where a coffee had spilt earlier that day. The door bursts opens and a wind carries a few droplets over to her bare skin. Goose bumps flare up on her for arms and she shivers.
“Man that rain isn’t doing anything for anyone today,” The customer mumbles to herself. Audrey continues to wipe the counter down. “There goes my hair and potentially my hand written essay.”
The customer closes her umbrella and inhales deeply. She approaches the counter and scans the chalkboard menu above. Audrey finally drops her rag and looks up at the customer standing in front of her counter. She smiles and readies herself for the order. The door to the cafe bursts open again and a group shoves themselves in trailing in watery foot print Audrey holds back a groan of annoyance. It was about to get busy.
“So what can I get you?” Audrey says focusing on the girl in front of her. She watches as the girl becomes flustered with the group accumulating behind her, biting her lips still examining the menu. Audrey interrupts the short silence tilting her head.  “Would you like a recommendation, maybe coffee? Since this place is a coffee shop.”

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