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😂😂😂😂 Alec seems to like Magnus’ power plays. Who can blame him? It’s SO HOT!!! 🔥💪🔥

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P.S. Harry… don’t you mean 1899 BC? 😜  #HowOldIsHeReally #MagnusBane #Malec #Shadowhunters

y'all already know NCT tend to get nervous on VICTORY, but NCT Life will always be NCT Life! What we saw on VICTORY today is only like 10% of what we’re gonna get the next season. I’m ready to see them go all out and act like themselves now that more of them will be together!

Finally done this too, commission for lovely loyalty-honour-a-willing-heart, a scene from her fanfiction Golden Emerald. It’s a no-Smaug AU, Thorin has gold sickness, hence the dark clothes. He’s still a dork though.

I recently commissioned @niccillustrates for some Star Trek AU Blackice because why not combine two of my favorite fandoms?? I am absolutely in love with this piece!