sassy dorks

“and all I need is one last chance,

to prove I’m good enough for someone”


Here’s Percy from the Lightning Thief Musical. Chris nailed his character, like the this is the best Percy adaptation ever. Here’s a few highlights from the premiere night:

- Percy basically flopping on the floor when he came home to Sally, really sad that he’s expelled.

- makes lightsaber noises with his sword


- HIS FACIAL EXPRESSIONS WERE AMAZING??? Like it was all sassy and dramatic and the Percy we know?? Especially when Poseidon flirted with Sally, he looked so awkward and so done with life.

- signs Medusa’s head to Mt Olympus in a box and when Annabeth told him that the gods will think that they’re impertinent, he just smiles and says “We are impertinent.” He later gives the box to Sally and says that it’s a “do-it-yourself box” and screams “NOO ITS MEDUSA’S HEAD” when she wants to open it.

- “Good Kid” was so emotional like he ran around and his voice cracked at one point and my heart broke. A+++

- says “this is nuts” when Grover talks to the squirrel.”

- “Is that a fork?” when he’s claimed

- “its Tatarus” “you mean… thE FISH SAUCE??”

- After Annabeth’s like “sexist much?” he goes, “NO I LOVE GIRLS…. I mean…umm…. they’re really nice!”

- sits on a toilet during capture the flag. confused by his own powers

- basically the sassy dramatic dork that we know and love.

Steve gets de-serumed and that makes him super grumpy so extreme sassy!Steve comes out. He finds it both annoying and endearing to know that his boyfriend laughs at all his sassy one-liners even when they are directed at said boyfriend. 

Tony loves his boyfriend even when he is a small ball of ‘fight-me’ and sass. Tony thinks that he might like Steve a little better this way (not that Tony doesn’t like or miss his boyfriend’s hot body but somethings are just more fun when they are seen in a different light). 

Steve gives Tony half-hearted glares and looks of annoyance but inside it makes him super happy to know that Tony loves him for him and that he loves his sass. Rarely anyone does. Most just tolerate it but Tony…Tony loves it and where there is Steve (especially de-serumed! Steve) there will always be the sass along with him. 

Tony would not have it any other way. 

(SU) Off Colors Squad headcanons

-Padparadscha’s name is the one annoying thing about her
-No one can remember it
-Well, they can, but like
-It’s still hella long
-Rhodonite’s the one who first calls her ‘Paddy’
-The name catches on, and now everyone has come up with at least one variation for ‘Padparadscha’
-Variations include Paddy, Raddy, Rads, Radical, Radscha, Paddleraddle, Radpad and Padshers
-Padparadscha never understands that all these names are directed at her
-This can lead to some confusion
-Rhodonite likes to make puns
-She doesn’t make them often, but when she does, they’re good
-The twins prefer knock knock jokes
-They can make them for hours, one twin asking the other
- 'Knock knock!’
'Who’s there?’
'Sabrina who?’
'Sabrina long time since I’ve seen you last!
*cue laughter*
-It drives everyone insane
-They still can’t help but laugh along though
-Padparadscha’s laugh is always a few minutes off
-Flourite once had thought about asking Padparadscha to join her fusion, but outvoted herself four to two
-Their relationship is too mother-daughterly
-In fact, Flourite’s relationship with all the off color gems is too mother-daughterly
-She loves them like a mama cat loves her kittens
-She might look mellow and slow, but mess with one of them and shit gets flipped
-Rhodonite has lots of nervous tics
-She’ll fidget and bite her nails and tap her knees and pace up and down and stutter one word over and over again like a broken cassette
-None of the others can calm her down
-None of the others try
-Because they know that eventually she’ll calm /herself/ down
-That’s what fusions made of love do
-Sometimes, when the fear of being found and seperated gets to be too much, all the Off Colors squad huddle up around Flourite and cuddle
-No words are exchanged
-Just hugs
-Everyone hugs everyone in the Flourite Pile™
-Sometimes the twins even hug each other
-It’s been agreed though that Padparadscha gives the best hugs
-She is smol and warm
-(And smells like peaches)
-When they all cuddle together like that, sometimes they find it hard to let go
-And sometimes need to remind themselves that down here they’re as safe as it gets
-And if they don’t want to
-They don’t have to let go

Since I see a lot of posts and people talk about the mature, dignified and serious things Rhodey does, I’m here to list the dorky things he does. To tell you how much of a big dork my man James is.

1. He sees his friend blow up an F22 and becomes excited, of course asking for new jets but also frickin EXCITED because the suit looked so cool.
2. He swallows a swear when kids are around and makes it into the weirdest word possible.
3. He talks to his suit. He talks to armoured suits.
4. He loves saying Boom! and also making things go boom.
5. He has weekend brunch with his best friend and says he misses him too.
6. He loves being the big gun and having the big gun, bivkering about it with his favourite dork in a frickin garden.
7. He loves his own jokes and stories.
8. When he gets drunk, he gets extra affectionate about his best friend and demands attention only for himself.
9. He talks to his targets , even if they cannot hear him, before he hits them.
10. He talks to his AI.
11. He holds entire conversations with his favourite dork during a congressional meeting just through eyes.
12. He hides his grin when his favourite dork gets sassy.
13. He takes the name that test groups approved but when he gets the name he had found cooler before, he makes it his frickin password. In all caps. And asserts that it rox.
14. He is an absolute dork when he saves someone and tries to tell them that they’re saved.
15. He cockblocks his favourite dork and compares his long time awaited kiss to a gorilla’s.
16. Did I mention LOVES making things go boom.
17. He has one liners for every situation.
18. He absolutely does not cringe to the worst nicknames possible and almost pouts when he’s mad at his favourite dork.
19. He grins at the worst jokes if his favourite people make it.
20. He has absolutely no shame or hesitation to be himself and live with his favourite dork, bickering and teasing like an old married couple.