sassy dolphins

I have so many concerns with the new interest in over-protective Makoto. The first being that Haru absolutely doesn’t need protection and the second being that Makoto isn’t confrontational. A key point is that he didn’t confront Rin *for* Haru. He did it for the sake of the friendship (the whole group’s friendship) because Rin was really messing up. It was for *Rin* as much as for *Haru*. And seriously, the worst he said was what Rin needed to hear, that he was forgetting what he taught Haru about the true joy of swimming. It was never a “grr snarl” thing. It was purely a “ oh no my friends are breaking things I must do something!”

Makoto just isn’t that assertive by nature. And that’s perfectly okay. A point of Sousuke/Rin’s friendship is to show the contrast between Makoto/Haru’s friendship. Makoto is more focused on support; Sousuke takes defense. They’re not the same. They’re not supposed to be. Makoto is wonderful because of who he is. He doesn’t need to be an over-protective guard-dog like Sousuke ( I say this with full affection because I love Sousuke so far). He’s our gentle orca.

That and… I really think Makoto will let Haru fight his own battles because Haru is a sassy dolphin who can fend for himself. If Haru turns to Makoto, of course he’ll try to help. But… I really doubt Haru is going to bring this up. Haru doesn’t really… ask for help when he’s having issues. (See Season 1.) Haru’s going to deal with this by himself. And I think he’s fully capable. It will just take development. That’s what Eternal Summer is about.