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The Jealousy’s Evening

for the anon who sent in this amazing prompt, thank you! 

Today wasn’t Castiel’s favorite day. The past few days hadn’t been his favorite day. A lot of things were currently not okay and all he could do was fake a smile and get on with school, with life.
It wasn’t that he was allowed to complain - in the end Dean had never been his in the first place. But seeing him kiss Lisa… it hurt. It hurt seeing them together, so close and happy. 

Of course, Castiel didn’t have any feelings for Dean, he was just upset that he was losing his best friend. They had been close for a long time, stayed over at each other’s houses a lot, slept in the same bed, shared clothes and did everything together. They were inseparable, until Dean started dating Lisa. 

For Castiel it had been out of nowhere when Dean had told him he and Lisa were a thing. At first, he’d just been slightly annoyed, but when days passed he began to realize how much it influenced him and his friendship with Dean. Way more than he wanted to admit. 

He just wanted the old Dean back, spend time with him doing nothing- hang out on the roof and talk about school or Dean’s father being a dick and Gabriel who’d stolen from the candy shop. That was ages ago and Cas was probably never getting that back.

Dean never wanted to hang out and ‘do nothing’, had not once suggested to take a ride with the Impala and watch the sunset while sipping beer as they sat on the hood of the car. The only thing that was the same, were them staying over at each other’s houses, doing homework together and their movie night on Friday. 

At least, Castiel thought.

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Supernatural 12x10 // Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets

I originally made this with fake captions but I realized it’s funny enough on its own. I can’t tell which I like better: Cas’s fed-up eye-rolling, Dean’s smug satisfaction, or Sam’s earnest ‘I’m going to fucking fall off this booth seat!’ face.

The right kind of research

Dean X Reader drabble

Word Count: 500-ish

Warning: Nothing, just Sam being sassy AF! and implied Dean fluff/ smut. ;)

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“That’s it! you both are idiots”, Sam slams his hands on the table, making you jump. As soon as you catch your breath, you look at Dean to enquire what’s gotten into Sam. Deans eyes mirror your quizzical expression. He shrugs when he sees you looking at him, he doesn’t have a clue.

You were lounging in the library with books in your lap, while Dean was sitting in the chair with his feet on the table and beer in his hand. Both of you were busy with the research regarding a case in South Dakota. Only catch, for the past hour and a half you had been stealing glances at the Greek god that was Dean Winchester, trying to be furtive about it.

You had sighed internally, knowing that Dean could never possibly like you that way. You had been hunting with the Winchesters for over a year now and after all that you had been through together, you couldn’t imagine your life without them. You weren’t stupid enough to jeopardize what you had with them for the greed of something more with Him.  You would have continued with your day dream had Sam not interrupted it.

You look up to see him glaring at both of you.

“What?” you ask, puzzled

“I leave you guys alone in the bunker for two hours and this is what you do? Research?” Sam is practically yelling at the both of you, his head whipping from one to another. If the situation had not been so confusing, it would have been extremely comical.

“Why Mr. Nerdy Nerdinson, do you have all rights reserved on research now? Last I checked you didn’t have a patent on that one,” Dean smirks.

You can’t believe Sam is making a scene out of not getting to do enough research. Sure he was a geek, but this was too much even for him.

“No, you moron. It’s not that,” Sam shoots back

“Pray explain then Princess,” Dean looks down at the book in his hand without waiting for Sam’s reply. Apparently he had had enough of Sam’s tantrums.

Sam puts on his best bitch face. Uh oh Dean.

“Right, because you and Y/N just love having me around being the third wheel,” Sam scoffs

Shit. Wait what?

Deans head whips up to look at Sam first and then you, his eyes wide. I pale. It was all out now.

“Oh come on, who did you think I was? An idiot? You think I can’t see you Y/N,  stealing glances at Dean when you think he is not looking? And you Dean? You just about start drooling every time you see her. I’ve had enough of this Danielle Steele novel shit. If I see anymore of this, I think I will throw up. So I am going to head out for a couple of hours again, please quit the façade of researching whilst checking each other out and for god’s sake hook up!”

And just like that Sam walks out of the door with a million dollar smile on his face leaving two shell shocked, furiously blushing and utter smitten people behind.

Needless to say, what followed was exactly the kind of research you had hoped for. ;)


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