sassy dancy



adjective, sassier, sassiest. Informal.

1. impertinent; insolent; saucy

My top five favorite Will Graham sassy moments

  1. with Hannibal Lecter, Apéritif
  2. with Kade Prurnell, Sakizuke
  3. with Frederick Chilton, Takiawase
  4. with Jack Crawford, Futamono
  5. with Bedelia du Maurier, …and the Woman Clothed in Sun

By request of @granpappy-winchester

Any new fannibals? Welcome!

Sending out a warm welcome to the Fannibal fandom to any new fannibals ! August is finally here and we need all the support we can get.

Also shout out to those who’ve been in the fandom from the very beginning – you’ve been keeping our family alive.

All of us are essential members ! Let’s get our season 4 !


Scott Thompson/Hannibal Post Mortem Interviews Masterpost

* AXN video, can’t view it in Europe. If anyone can find a version viewable in Europe, that would be great!

+The only version I could find that still works is subtitled.