sassy christoph is sassy

My friend @occupiedoctopi suggested I should draw this scene during Cabinet Battle #2. I have never seen a clip from either of the battles so everyone is just so full of sass in my version and no one can convince me otherwise that Jefferson didn’t do the offended “Hand to chest” thing.

  • Tronnor fandom: omg omg omg that's the same floor in Con's IG pic omg they're so together
  • Tronnor: ...
  • Janiel fandom: omg omg omg that's the same patio in Daniel's IG pic omg they're so together
  • Daniel: lolol calm tf down ya crazies, stay in ya lane y'all are such drama queens lol
All hail Princess Giles

Giles: you can’t do that thing.

Princess: excuse me? I thought I was the mother f***ing princess, but I guess I was mistaken! It’s Giles who is the princess!

Giles: what?

Princess: are you the princess Giles?

Giles: no, of course-

Princess: because I think you think you are the princess! You are sure are acting like it as well, as a matter of fact, you are a much better princess then me.

Giles: I don’t-

Princess: here! Let us find you a proper dress and tiara!

Giles: please stop…


Giles: … Maybe picking her was a mistake…


Cannot wait for the new Doctor Who series  in September!!! Looks brilliant plus Maisie Williams is in it !! Even better in my opinion, shame shes not a returning character though!