sassy cake

I lowkey wanted for Annoying Big Brother Nishiki to stay the one to bring Touka the human food. Nishio and Touka are one of my Brotps in TG. I want more of them!!

Touka talked about cakes back in Part 1 (parallels everywhere lmao), her bestie Yoriko is a baker/waitress and as of now, Touka might believe there’s no way she’ll ever see her friend again not even eat the human food Yoriko used to make…Muh feels!

It still pretty cute that Husbando Ken wants to do it as another way to show his commitment/investment in their relationship (it’s the small things, right) and possibly the new “kind of” family unit. Whatever the reasons are, it’s super cute and super dangerous. Thanks, Hajime! 

Stay safe my babies! (and your Little Touken of Love too)