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Welcome to the Sparrows.

Some original content that I haven’t been posting characters from on tumblr yet :D Also a picture that went into much more detail than intended……..
These three are Geraldine Pyrope, Cecil Reed and Vincent Diran!

Cecil runs a club called the Sparrows and is Vincent’s informant, as they’re always keeping an ear out for their customers - who aren’t all righteous people. Geraldine is the entertainment, a singer who has been Cecil’s close friend since childhood. Vincent, meanwhile, is a detective growing in the ranks who’s helped them out on multiple occasions!

Geraldine and Vincent belong to @kaisukidoodles, Cecil is mine ❤︎
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Seeker, Chaser, Keeper
By Organization for Transformative Works

Author: VivacissimoVoce | Word Count: 59.1k | Rating: NC-17

Summary: Rumor has it that a wealthy investor is starting up a brand new professional Quidditch team and he’s looking for players. Harry and Draco both want to make the team, but there can be only one Seeker. Will competing for the position bring them closer or drive them further apart?

Review: Probably my favourite Quidditch drarry story! Because yes, it has all those things we love about this most beloved trope - match thrills, hot sex, “competitiveness” as a mask for intense flaming attraction lol - but so so much more. 

All the featured characters are just so cool! It’s extremely fun reading as well, with rather unique ideas and a very well played out plot with some of the best characterisations and dialogue. An immediate rec for anyone looking for some fun and entertaining reading :) 

Content/Warnings: Quidditch, Humour, Physical Training

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Right, I’m off to bed! Sorry if I seemed a bit bitter this evening - I want everyone who reads my fics to know I appreciate every single one of you and I’m so glad that (so far!) all of you have been angels. I’ve never been pressured or sent anything rude and I’m so grateful for that. It just bums me out seeing people not giving the same curtesy to my friends and other writers out there.

Trimm Trabb

• The perfect song to snatch someone’s wig when they ask for blur.
• *incoherent noises in the beginning* what is this.
• Has the two moods you will ever experience in your life.
• Blur in a nutshell.
• No, really, that’s the band in a nutshell. (YOU KNOW WHY)
• The acoustic guitar sounds like you when pause a video-game.
• The echoes hell yaaaaaah
• “Just the way it is”
• Backing vocals goals.
• The ultimate song to get high.
• T H I C C bass
• Sassy.
• Moody.
• Catchy.
• Weird.
• Damon what is you doing
• *Damon’s awkward shouting* AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH
• Damn Dave slaaaaaaaay!!!!!
• Where Graham’s guitar got set on fire.
• *pool dances to this shit*
• All the instruments shine and that’s COOL AF
• One of their best songs honestly????