sassy business


the world has to know. the truth is out there.

I got stuck in the Burbank airport for like four hours with a bunch of sassy business power grandmas. Like, they didn’t even know each other or have any similar destination or anything, they were just a bunch of CEO grandmas who apparently all happened be on the same flight.

Ways Shameless could conceivably save it’s own ass since there’s going to be a season 7:

  • Lip could stop fucking his teacher and actually show some incentive in deciding his future. He’s intelligent, capable of teaching, kinda sorta maybe wants to do it, but he’s still fucking his teacher. Fix that.
  • Debbie could revert back to her previous, younger self and be that sassy business savvy 12 year we all knew and loved. She could be smart again, and plan a good future and get a great job and get out of the neighborhood. Why and how the fuck did she become so sex/baby obsessed to a point of actual stupidity? Fix that.
  • Fiona could cut ties with what his face (is it bad I can’t even think of his name?) and fix things with Gus. Who was nice, understanding, and smart. Flat and boring to an extent, but nice. She could scrounge up the best job she could possibly get as a convicted felon, stop fucking around in everyone else’s business, and have a decent life. Or something. Fix that.
  • Ian. Poor, poor, Ian. Truly indeed the winner of the roulette when it came to who inherited what from Monica. Now just a zombie shuffling around in the background they could have him being proactive with Svetlana to raise Yevgeny. They could have him attending therapy to work through his lifetime of serious shit. Ian still has a future, they just won’t give it to him. Fix that.
  • Carl. Fix that. Just fix it.

Clearly I had a lot to think about in the shower, so I’m literally just tossing this out there. Feel free to reblog with thoughts/commentary!