sassy baseball


Yay! I made a comic thing! I just had the idea of ruby’s shirt in my head. I did the minimal colour palette thing that I normally do with my inks. I like it!

Also, day 29 of 365 of my #msdani365 art challenge! This week’s theme is short comics!

Art by @msdanig-gem
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Dating Rosalie includes

-Flirting with her constantly

-Finding it amusing when she is sassy to Jacob

-Playing baseball with the family


-Always smiling at each other

-Holding hands

-Hugs from behind

-Her talking to you about wanting a baby

-Not liking the wolf pack together 

-Her always playing with your hair

-Wanting to travel together 

-Her family loving you

-Becoming a vampire too

-Watching romantic movies together

-Reading together

-Hunting together 

-Sitting next to her during Lunch

-Telling each other you love them

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