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Korra sighed, walking up the ramp to the exquist looking ship. It was an odd and out of place feeling to be having a gourmet meal, while the city was under siege. But in all honesty, they would probably be safer there more than anywhere else right now. 

Korra’s limbs felt heavy as she practically dragged herself to the door of the ship. She felt the weight of the world was literally pressing down on her, easing its way into every joint and aching muscle she had. The bubbling feeling of anxiety in the pit of her stomach was not supporting the cause. She didn’t even know how she could possibly eat tonight. She habitually swept her already secure bangs from her forehead. She shook her hand out as a few loose strands of hair drifted to the ground. Great. She was even starting to lose hair. Finally nearing the entrance, the glow of light coming from the portal in conjunction to the dark night seemed warm and inviting. Maybe a nice, secure dinner was exactly what she needed. She could let her guard down and try and relax, even if for only a few hours. She heard the footsteps behind her of Asami, Mako, and Bolin as a crew member led them to the dining hall. 

Standing, waiting for them was a tall, husky, almost painfully handsome man. Ink hair and burning amber eyes. The General Iroh.
Wow. Was all Korra could think. Maybe this night would help her relax.

“N-nice to finally meet you. Hi! I’m Korra.” She blurbed out. She shot out her hand nervously for a handshake.

sassy-asami replied to your post: Mako’s head immediately tipped back and he closed his eyes. A breathless moan slipped from his lips, and he was aching to touch her. She clearly had the advantage at the moment, and that was wearing him down. He had two choices: reciprocate her actions and do the same to her, or just end their game altogether. Why had he suggested this? Opening his eyes again, Mako nearly pounced on her as he pushed her back down into the mattress, running his fingers up her sides. “That’s enough of that.” he

what did i just wander upon.


it went from korra cheating at paisho to strip hide and seek to playing a kissing game to korra winning the game and getting to do what ever she wants 


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"Frankly, I'd like to butt my head in and state that Mako most certainly did not propose to me, and if he proposed to any of my doppelgangers, I can reassure you, that's probably some joke. Even when Mako was dating me, I could tell her loved Korra, so I'm quite sure I wouldn't be the one he'd propose to."

“Thank you, Asami. I’m sorry your being pulled into these rumors. Not that I don’t think you’re amazing .. I just didn’t think it was true. But Asami…. I have one last question…

Will you marry me?”