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The cool thing about the pause buttom is that you can see

this sassy Chat Noir turning into this 

crazy Chat singer

You’d Make A Cute Couple...

So this was suppose to be a vday gift for @kuresgotthecure but since I’m lame and I was sick I didn’t get it posted. Sorry for the late gift. I’m an arse.


Whether it’s Adrienette, Ladynoir, Marichat, or Ladrien, the world thinks Marinette/Ladybug and Adrien/Chat Noir would make a cute couple. It doesn’t matter which pairing their in, the world tells them so.


Marinette was happy. Gloriously joyful. She was walking, and Adrien was beside her. They were going to the movies. Over the last few weeks they’d gotten closer, even becoming fast friends. Now she didn’t turn red at his mere presence and she could talk to him normally.

They waited in line together at the ticket booth. Finally they reached the counter and told the lady that they wanted two tickets to the latest Studio Ghibli movie.

“You two are such a cute couple,” the ticket lady smile, and handed them their tickets. Marinette and Adrien both turned red.

“We’re not like that,” Adrien began.

“We’re just friends,” Marinette explained, her voice sounding a bit off. They weren’t together, but she wouldn’t mind if they were.

The women laughed, “My mistake, but you’d make a cute couple.” The two blushed and thanked the lady for their tickets and walked away. Marinette looked back and the women winked at her.

They were awkward for the rest of the day.


Hawkmoth had attacked again. This time Marinette had been there to see it and the akumatized villain had instantly spotted her. She’d managed to not to get caught but she couldn’t get away and transform.

Then Chat Noir appeared out of nowhere and rescued her. She tried to convince him to put her down, but the villain had turned the street into a black sludge, and now it was covering the roofs of buildings with the same goo.

Finally Chat Noir reached a clean roof and set Marinette down. Then he shot off to fight the akuma. 

And Marinette became Ladybug.

The spotted hero appeared, and together the Parisian super duo defeated the villain. And she cleansed the Akuma.

Chat Noir returned to the roof to check on Marinette, but she was already gone.

A week later she was at the store when she spotted her picture on the cover of a tabloid, this time it wasn’t Ladybug as she was used to. No this time it was Marinette.

In the picture Chat Noir had her clasped to his chest and a sweet smile on his lips.

She remembered this moment, he’d been rescuing her. The villain had just shot a glob of slime their way and she’d been forced to burrow her face into his chest to avoid it. Below the photo was the caption: Wouldn’t they Make a Cute Couple?

Marinette sighed, hopefully no one would recognize her, after all the photo only featured the back of her head.


A reporter approached them, a microphone in hand. “Are Paris’s superhero duo dating?” he asked.

Ladybug quickly shook her head, “We’re just friends.”

“We’re not like that,” Chat Noir agreed, his voice held a small note of longing. He almost sounded like Adrien, the sassy catsubdued.

Ladybug frowned slightly, where had she heard that?

The reporter smiled, “Well you’d make a cute couple, though.”

Now she’d definitely heard that before. At the man’s words Chat Noir returned, grinning widely he said, “My thought’s exactly.” Ladybug sighed and rolled her eyes.


The akuma had been cleansed and Chat Noir had never arrived, she wondered why.

Ladybug heard a boyish scream, she sprinted over and lifted a car, revealing a boy. 


He’d luckily not been squashed. She lifted him into her arms and carried him over to the sidewalk, and set him on his feet. “You okay?” she asked, her cheeks beginning to redden.

“Y-yes,” he stammered.

An older gentleman who she’d saved earlier walked by. “You know, you’d make such a cute couple,” his eyes twinkled.

When he was out of earshot, Ladybug groaned. When she saw Adrien’s worried expression, she tripped over herself trying to explain. “It’s not that I wouldn’t date y - your cute and al - it’s just that’s the fourth time I’ve heard that this week.”

Adrien smiled, what a coincidence.

companion of the most haughty

summary: Chloe Bourgeois was an arrogant snob, but nobody could deny that, out of everyone, she was Adrien’s closest friend. Also known as the times Chloe slapped Adrien’s lonely fate in the face and she screamed until the world knew he would never be alone.
a/n: Adrien doesn’t just let anyone get close to him, and he’s friends with Chloe. So I want to explore their friendship a little more. Contains brief mentions of Ladynoir with some one-sided Chloe/Adrien. What can we call that ship? Also, my writing style is a little different this time–reflecting on them being kids and all. ^__^ Hope you enjoy!

“Why are you on your own?”

Adrien lifted his head to the squeaky voice, sniffing and wiping his wet eyes. A girl with big eyes and a frown on her face looked at him weirdly, and he forced himself to look down again.

“They don’t wanna play with me.” He wiped his nose with the back of his sleeve.

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the-cookiewhore  asked:

Hello I was wondering if maybe you could draw kwami swap marichat (well,in this case adrichat) I just really love the thought of a flirty and sassy chat noir! Marinette and a sassy but flustered Adrien going at it. Love your art btw

i hope this is good! and thank u v much!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


All of them were responsible for that dumb rumor lol.

Nino said it as a joke but someone from another class thought it was true and spread it around the school.

Alya tried to clear things up by posting about it on the internet. The internet made it worse because… its the internet.

And Marinette accidentally let Nino’s joke slip up while she was Ladybug during an interview and they asked her about rescuing Adrien Agreste.

Honestly, I just wanted to draw sassy Adrien in a scarf with Starbucks.

favorite jokes in the miraculous fandom:

  • Adrien having his room crazy plastered with Ladybug merch 
  • Marinette spacing out and acting sassy at Adrien out of habit when he acts like Chat then dying inside
  • Alya fighting with people over who’s the best LB fan
  • Hawkmoth seeing Chat transform back into Adrien and going into weird dad mode
  • Marinette finding out Adrien’s identity and just SCREAMING
  • Adrien outing himself as Chat Noir because of puns