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Jim getting his wisdom teeth out and being super high and keeps saying things that don't make any sense

imagine spock reccording it all

so the next time jim gets all cocky, thinking hes the absolute greatest

spock plays a video of jim screaming ‘im gonna build a moon boat!!!!!!!’ and then crying because his hands feel funny


Leonard Nimoy directs Robin Curtis, Merritt Buttrick, Joe W. Davis (as the 25-year-old Spock) and Carl Stevens (as Spock at age 9) on the Genesis Planet set for Star Trek III: The Search For Spock.

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Kirk/Spock AU: Spock spends the entire Five Year Mission silently pining over his clueless Captain and Uhura does her best to be the most observant, supportive best friend ever even though she thinks he’s being an idiot for keeping his feelings a secret.

bluespock asked:

Imagine Amanda singing Teddybear Picnic (because of I-Chaya) to preschool-aged Spock before bed every night, because she still loves singing lullabies to him (and even though he won't admit it, he loves it too). Imagine Spock questioning the logic of teddy bears being able to coordinate a picnic, let alone what purpose it would even serve them to do so. The song eventually inspires Spock to have a picnic with I-Chaya, much to Sarek's surprise, but Amanda knows why, and it's their little secret.

imagine spock, years down the road, humming that tune to himself when hes working on a difficult problem

it calms him down, and reminds him of simpler times