4R’s: Encantadia (Dec. 9, 2016 week-ender episode review)

Episode 105


It was a dream Emre arranged for Amihan and Ybrahim to conjure another life, but in the end, Amihan chose not to bear another child with Ybrahim who previously fathered her first-born for fear that Alena might end up getting hurt again, the queen refused to follow their fate that Emre weaved for the both of them. She bid goodbye to Ybrahim. Back in Sapiro, the prince woke up from a dream, whatever he dreamed of he did not tell Alena but surprise and confusion was painted all over his face.

Amihan faced the council and her sisters, Alena and Danaya. The council knew Emre has already sent a retre to search for an encantado who will give Amihan another heiress to the throne. Amihan admitted that the retre did appear and she had a dream that very same night, there she met an encantado, but that was it, nothing happened between the both of them for she refused to do so which surprised everyone, Alena asked her why but Amihan avoided the question but vowed that Lireo will have a successor to the throne—Mira, the council objected at the idea of making Mira the heiress to the Lirean crown since she’s the daughter of Pirena, but Amihan was confident that her hadiya will be a good queen for she was the one who raised her, and she raised a kind-hearted diwata that possesses all of the traits fit for a queen. Right then and there, Amihan ordered the guards to fetch Mira from the mortal world and bring her back to Lireo, Lira volunteered to go with them for she knows where to find Mira. Lira immediately bolted towards the Asnamon portal, not long after, a group of Hathors led by Agane attacked her and the Lirean soldiers, Lira was able to escape, Agane opened the portal and crossed the borderline that divides Encantadia and the mortal realm, knowing that the Hathors were after her cousin, Lira followed them.

Anthony took Mira to the park where he surprised her with a picnic/date. There, Anthony gathered all of his guts and finally confessed to Mira that he is in-love with her, although Mira felt the same, she refused to accept Anthony’s affection for she and Anthony aren’t meant for each other, it was too late for Mira to explain, Agane appeared before them and tried to take Mira back with them to Encantadia. Mira refused to be taken by anyone especially the Hathors and single-handedly fought all of them, but they were too many for Mira to handle all the same time, fortunately, another sang’gre appeared and aided Mira and Anthony—Lira or Milagros to Anthony. The young man was surprised to see Mila again but they don’t have time for pep talk and explanations, Lira and Mira teamed up against the Hathors and escaped. The cousins took Anthony to a much safer place where they briefly explained that they are not humans but diwatas, still, it was hard for Anthony to process everything he found out, Lira reminded Mira that the Hathors are still out there and are hunting them and they have to go back to Encantadia really soon. Despite of Anthony being “rejected” by Mira, Anthony asked her if she’s coming back, though Mira did not promise anything, Mira told him she loves him in en-chan language which she translated as the opposite of what it actually meant, and left with Lira.

Amihan’s refusal to bear another child puzzled Alena and talked personally to the queen, she did pray to Emre that her sister may be able to meet an encantado who will be the father of her second child. Alena suspected that the encantado might be Ybarro and asked Amihan about it, the queen denied that it was Ybrahim and even advised her to stop thinking that she and the prince are romantically-linked with each other because it is not true, and told her not to worry because she and Ybrahim are really meant for each other.

Ybarro was confused with the dream he just had, and since dreams usually meant procreating to royal bloods, especially to the sang’gres, Wantuk concluded that his friend “did it” with sang’gre Alena and even teased him by asking how many times he “met” Alena in his dream, Ybarro hit his idiotic friend as an answer. In the middle of their conversation, a white butterfly appeared and landed on Ybarro’s shoulder, Alena who just got back from Lireo saw the butterfly and knew it was a retre, the sang’gre concluded that Amihan did meet Ybarro in her dream and wouldn’t tell her which only crushed Alena’s already broken heart.

Alena became more emotional because of what she’s going through, Muyak comforted her and told her that maybe it was a test on how far her heart can endure and her willingness to fight for love. It might be a trial for her, but it was hard for Alena to fight for a love that she’s no longer a part of, she cannot hold on without any power, thus she became more eager to take back the water gem. The sang’gre went back to Lireo and told Danaya her plans on taking her gem back from Lila Sari, Danaya questioned her intentions, after Alena’s betrayal, the youngest of the four sisters found it hard to trust Alena once again. Amihan came and asked their sisters what they were discussing. Knowing how much Alena wanted her gem back, Amihan willingly helped her sister, something which Danaya swore she will never do.

Pirena and Gurna found dead bodies of Lirean soldiers and the Asnamon portal itself was opened, Gurna urged Pirena to leave and told her that the portal is none of their business, Pirena reminded her that her daughter is in the mortal world which is why it is such a big deal for her. Lira and Mira jumped at the portal back to Encantadia, just as they were about to go back to Lireo, Pirena showed up, the sang’gre was very happy to see her daughter after a long time, but Mira is still hurt and angry at her own mother and chose to leave instead of talking to her, Pirena stopped her and grabbed her arm, because of this, Mira’s arm was injured. Apparently, Pirena’s newfound power does not only work on anything but anyone as well.


💗👦 Kate and Migo’s performances are rave worthy in this episode. The rest, is a major face palm. If it weren’t for MigKate, I would have seriously discontinued watching it, anyway, I like that Migo and Kate maintained that kilig factor while doing that heart breaking scene. Good job guys!

💎 Now don’t get me wrong, the cast are superb, Kylie and Ruru were flawless. DMR and writers are trolls but I just don’t like what happened in this episode, and it’s all enumerated in the week-ender thoughts. Go check it out.


😭 I was expecting that YbraMihan baby no. 2 will not push through but still I was frustrated that I was right, I was initially excited for this episode but after this scene it’s like I’ve lost all of my enthusiasm to watch this ep. It’s like I wanted to turn off the TV and call it a night but I have 4R’s and

Note: In case you guys want to know why I am so into this thing it’s because: first of all, it’s a review series and I couldn’t do it weekly since a lot of stuff is happening in the show at the same time and it would suck to write the recap for the entire week, it’s a hassle because you guys know I write the recap differently, like in a detailed manner in contrast to how I wrote the recaps in my earlier posts, and others seem to like how I write the recap (which makes me really glad 😊) Second: I started this blog on the third week of the show and since I already started it kailangan ko na siyang panindigan hahahaha! And it’s also a challenge for me to not skip any episode, yes, I did challenge myself to finish an entire series without missing a single episode. Also yes, I like challenges 😂 Lastly: I enjoy doing this because I like exchanging thoughts with other encantadiks! Yiiiiee!

Okay back to the topic, whether I like it or not, I have to watch the episode. Bow!

😒 Oh Alena, you don’t need a gem to get a hold of your loved ones, listen to Muyak, use your heart. And also I am kinda curious what Alena is up to, if she’s going to use the water gem to wash away Ybrahim’s feelings for Amihan, I would say she doesn’t deserve Ybarro at all. You don’t force someone to forget, she of all the diwatas should know that, life is all about options and you have a choice: hold on and get hurt, or be free and rebuild yourself. Alsoooo…she’s already bffs with Amihan and she haven’t even apologized yet for what she did (insert slow clap + sarcastic bitch face)

What I’m actually trying to say guys is that this episode is full of shits. K bye!

Best performer for this episode:

Kate Valdez 💥

Rating: 7 out of 10 💎s

Week-ender thoughts: I don’t like how this week ended, I was expecting it to be equally exciting as the previous episodes but I was disappointed. So many disappointing moments happened at the same time:
1. The Ybramihan baby number 2: I was expecting this to happen since Lira is prophesied to be the next queen of Lireo and still the rightful heiress to the throne, I guess what really frustrated me the most is the fact Ybramihan still hasn’t been honest with their feelings is still the biggest sucker in this set of episodes. I am with Alena this time, it sucks knowing that your sister and lover are in denial of everything, all Alena wanted is their honesty but they are not giving it to her, the only way for her to heal is for Ybrahim and Amihan to be truthful towards her, set her free from all the pain by letting her see the reality, so she would learn how to open her mind and heart and be the sang’gre she’s supposed to be, the one with an open mind and an understanding heart. You guys are the ones making the villain out of Alena and not Pirena. Enough with those bullshits will ya?
2. Alena’s martyrdom: as much as I feel sorry for Alena, I also am frustrated at her being the “ulirang gaga” awardee. She’s not blind, she sees things, and even if Ybrahim and Amihan deny that nothing is happening between them it is fuckin’ crystal clear that there is, yet she’s still holding on. Oh Emre! Why can’t anyone advise her to just stop and let go? She has been downgraded too much and she’s still isn’t aware that it’s about time to rebuild herself and become stronger on her own, that she needs to love and respect herself first before anyone else.
3. Lira’s passiveness and pessimism: our little heroine made little to no progress in terms of character development, I was expecting that after that side quest with Mira she’ll learn how to think and act like a real sang’gre. But NOOOOOO! I don’t see her doing her mission of reuniting the four sang’gres, can’t she understand that her family having no memories of her is actually an opportunity for her to do her thing, if Alena knows that she is Ybramihan’s daughter do you guys think she would have the heart to listen to her? Hell no, since Alena doesn’t remember her it would be a chance for Lira to get close to her Ashti and help her open Alena’s heart again to her sisters, you guys know what I’m saying? But she’s done nothing, so now Mira is back in Encantadia and then what? She’s going to just stand there and do nothing while everybody else is officially making Mira the future queen of Lireo? Wtf?! I guess stupidity cannot be taken off overnight.

Anyhoo guys, this has been an overall exciting week except for the week-ender episode of course, why do you guys think the retre appeared on Ybrahim even after that dream? What will happen to Lira now that Mira is being proclaimed as Amihan’s successor? And who is this encantado whom Amihan met before Ybrahim in her dream? Let me know! Avisala eshma besies!  

Overall best performers for this week:
Kylie Padilla 🌪
Ruru Madrid 🗡

Overall rating: 8 out of 10💎s

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   ‘ certainly not. i give a damn about many things—my pokemon, my business, the money in my wallet. ‘
he idly looked over his manicure (those alolan women weren’t too shabby; certainly not as splendid as the high-class manicurist he went to back home, but suitable for his time here), not once making eye contact.

   ‘ i certainly give more of a damn than someone who has likely never seen more than a twenty dollar bill, hm? ‘
and now did he look up from his nails, hand curled towards his chest, a single eye brow raised.