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Week Nine: Hello again and welcome back to the LGBT+ Masterlist Project!

I had originally named this post ‘BLOGS + VLOGS’ but after the overwhelming amount of suggestions specific to YouTube channels, I figured to dedicate this week’s post entirely to YouTubers. Voilà, here we are!

The genres vary this week, as always. We’ve got beauty vlogs, lifestyle vlogs, cooking vlogs, music vlogs, talk show set ups, and a bunch of other types of content! One thing is for sure, and the whole point of this entire project: these are all LGBT+ YouTubers. A lot of them are here on Tumblr too! So I added their @’s for you as well. 

If you think I’ve mislabeled someone (as in, if I have put them in this list or in the gifs above when they aren’t LGBT+), please tell me immediately as there’s nothing I value more than accuracy - I will be sure to follow up. In addition! If you’ve got recs, don’t hesitate to send them my way (particularly LGBT+ YouTubers who are people of color - I was underwhelmed to see the vast yet not so diverse YouTube vlogging landscape when it came to popularity.)

Next week: LGBT+ HISTORY - a compilation of academic journals, articles, autobiographies, YouTube videos, and other types of media that cover the long and too often glossed over history of the vast and diverse LGBT+ community. If you have any recommendations, send them my way!


  • Pero Like - “Pero, like… You know what we mean. Weekly videos of tu vida.” A Latinx-oriented vlog in which one of the YouTubers is Salvadoran and gay, but LGBT topics are not the main thing they vlog about
  • Shannon @now-this-is-living​ & Cammie @the-2nd-star-to-the-right on their channel nowthisisliving - A lesbian couple who are “just sharing [their] story/love/life with anyone who wants to listen”
  • Claudia Boleyn - A bisexual YouTuber who makes videos about mental health and social justice issues
  • Miles Jai  (giffed above) - Posts improv sketches, parodies, “beauty tutorials”, as well as vlogs
  • Kat Blaque @katblaque (giffed above) - “Opinion Vlogger, Children’s Illustrator and Thrift Store Addict”
  • Sara @rnashallah(giffed above) - Totally not putting her up here because we’ve been mutuals on Tumblr for like mad long and I’m just very fond of Sara as a person. She vlogs about her life and tbh that alone is worth a sub in my book!
  • Eileen W. @peeves(giffed above) - Another good friend of mine (let me live). HILARIOUS, sarcastic, honest, and is pretty much always there to Validate You, so support her and subscribe!
  • Marina Watanabe @marinashutup​ (giffed above) - “Part time feminist vlogger, full time sass machine. Biracial, bisexual, bipedal.”
  • Kid Fury @signedfury - “Born in Miami and raising hell in New York City, Kid Fury is a media mouthpiece with a whole lot of nerve. This channel is one of many avenues Fury uses to cover life, pop culture and more with a unique and sharp flare of truth, shade, and fuckery.”
  • AriFitz @itsarifitz - Lifestyle + style vlog

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Aw.  Shout out to fellow hindi-grandpa aficionado @nochenails for always leavin’ me the nicest comments <3 <3

Also what’s this i hear about people bagging on ff12 just ahead of the rerelease?  Kids, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it/play it.  I don’t like 8 but i don’t crap a big turd on anyone who is super into it.  Sometimes it just comes down to personal taste when it comes to different ff.

I mean just sayin though, you’ll miss out on that guy ^

with the fancy hair

which would be like too bad



So a thought just occurred to me… Remember when Harry and Louis were in France in 2012 during valentine’s day and the ‘I lock you’ lock showed up? Yeah, well Harry’s lock tattoo showed up August 2012… It just hit me all of a sudden and now it doesn’t seem so random. Coincidence? There sure seem to be a lot of those in their relationship huh???

Okay. BUT. Graves doing funny faces to his little niece, his sister’s daughter?

His sister is visiting the city due to some important business, and guess what? She doesn’t have anyone to leave her daughter with. So, who else than uncle Percy is going to babysit this “angel”? His niece is, let’s say, three years old, but she’s really smart and that obviously concludes with her being a great troll and sass machine-

Graves has work to do, meetings to attend, no, Irene, don’t leave the Satan with him at work, take your devil with you, please-

This is how little Sarah ended up on one of his chairs in his office and she keeps glaring at him for twenty minutes straight and Graves thinks he’s being cursed by that glare.

Then he turns around for a minute to get a document from his cabinets, and when he looks back, she’s gone. Apparition? Nah, too early for that.

Graves runs out of his office and is ready to form a group of aurors for her searching when he finds her talking with Goldstein and Scamander.

He gapes at them, because Scamander isn’t that shy, clumsy Brit around her. He’s explaining her something very animatedly, his eyes are shining and his smile practically breaks his freckled face in half. Then he’s taking something out of his coat pocket and this is the time when Graves decides to step in.

And he starts to explain that, no, Newt, giving a three years old kid a magical beast, even only to pet! isn’t acceptable and by the time he finishes scolding their grown ass consultant magizoologist, Sarah is again nowhere to be seen.

He frantically searches for her with his worried eyes and Newt touches his hand, smiles at him and tilts his head in the direction of his office.

Mercy Lewis, good thing he won’t have to start a searching operation here, at MACUSA headquarters.

He enters his office and sees Sarah on her chair, clearly sad and disappointed that uncle Percy didn’t let her pet the puffskein. Graves decides to make up to her by making her laugh.

He ends up making funny faces at her for half of hour until there are more than one laughing voice in his office and he stops abruptly. Both Goldsteins, Scamander and some of senior aurors are laughing their asses off.

He looks at them, and they stop laughing in an instant, because they want to live.

Well, everyone except Scamander obviously. The dude’s instincts of self-preservation legit  are absent as it seemed.

Mbti types as Grandpas

Re: Flip side to my previous post on ‘MBTI types as Grandmas’  ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

ISFJ: the ‘sudoku doing, grandkids spoiling, takes grandma out to movies every Friday night then straight to bed because 9pm is lateeee’ grandpa

INFJ: the ‘unlimited love giving, real-talk truth dishing, best grandpa in the world winner 5 years in a row with mugs to prove it’ grandpa

ISFP: the “let it be’ singing, passionate AF poetry slamming, a stupid cane and cataracts won’t stop me from travelling the world’ grandpa

ESFJ: the 'stay at home dad who’s loving his kids more than his job so he quit, with a liking for family news like how his son Ben got a new gf right after spliting with his ex, squishy cinnamon roll who’ll do anything for his bae grandma’ grandpa

INFP: the 'once a month crying, feelings always hurting when grandkids don’t visit, handsome crier who’s tears start looking like little sparkly orbs of water after awhile’ grandpa

INTJ: the 'texas hold em playing, likes giving grandkids space to do what they like and so he can do what he likes, everything is actually a competition and he is winninggg with his cute bae grandma and wheelbarrow of retirement money’ grandpa

ISTJ: the 'mows the lawn every 3 weeks after Saturday brunch with fam from May-August, love making schedule keeping, never really leaves the house unless bae wants to go somewhere in which case it’s koool’ grandma

ISTP: the 'campfire starting, full moon howling, somehow married rich and now he just spends all his time inventing sports and trying to convince his friends on the Olympics board of directors to make beer pong a sport for jokes’ grandpa

INTP: the 'tree bumping, telling his students he sells jumbo shrimp on his shrimp boat for jokes because his movie references be old AF, won’t quit his research at the university because he’s on THE VERGE OF A SCIENTIFIC BREAKTHROUGHHHHH’ grandpa

ENFJ: the 'running for mayor because all his neighbours in his cul de sac don’t fking know how to recycle, calling his grandkids even when they don’t wanna talk, and getting them to reveal a secret that even their parents don’t know’ grandpa

ESFP: the 'perpetually mismatched socks wearing, sarcastic AF truth delivering sass machine, encouraging his fam to party as hard as his liver used to allow (he’s on dialysis now)’ grandpa

ENFP: the 'look at the bajillion photos of friends and fam I framed all in 1 day, taking grandma on a surprise vacation to Kenya for 30th wedding annivesary and hoping to pet all the animals of Africa extravaganza’ grandpa

ESTJ: the 'badass get shit done 60+ yr old boss who’s butt and work ethic just won’t quit, managing tens of start-ups on the side for fun, blowing up Facebook with updates on all his cute young interns but you know that grandma will always be his one true bae’ grandpa

ENTJ: the '60+ yr old with a screaming voice that’s just as loud as ever, scheduling dates with his main bae grandma through his secretary for every Friday night, and has learned to handle subordinates who tell him to chill from yrs of experience (and not feeling guilty for firing these weak little bitches)’ grandpa

ESTP: the 'sexyass ex body builder who owns a gym, hiring all the pretty ladies to work at the front desk but we all know he’s a gentleman, never getting anything done except for grandma ;)’ grandpa

ENTP: the 'cough syrup of cold hard truth feeding, uses viagra regularly and OWNING ITT in the bedroom, most sarcastic grandpa of the millenia 3 yrs in a row’ grandpa

anonymous asked:

2, 4, 28, 26, and 24 for Mitch AND Jonas. Plz and thnk

24. In their own words, how would your character describe what their lover is like?

(answered #2 for jonas here!)

02. What is one of your character’s biggest insecurities? Are they able to hide it easily or can others easily exploit this weakness?

mitch actually has really low self-esteem when it comes to his appearance and also doesn’t eat around other ppl. …he also forces himself to throw up a lot jkldjgsd sighs

04. What are their favorite traits about their lover? (one psychological and one physical)

MM jonas likes to act like he hates when mitch is overprotective of him (sidney does the same thing sometimes) BUT he appreciates it. esp at school, or at home when his foster dad is being a jerk. it’s not that he can’t stand up for himself, just that ppl tend to not take him seriously…… and physical uh he thinks mitch is cute in a. weird sorta way. n he has nice arms and big hands (thumbs up)

and shit mitch loves like everything about joey honestly (wow gay) but favorite psychological thing prob how he turns into such a smartass when he’s mad! he’s like a little sass machine and mitch  thinks its the funniest thing. physical UH he likes how jonas is soft n squish and also all his spotty spots

28. If your character became a celebrity, what would they be famous for?

JEEZ I DUNNO if not for jonas’s wacky superpowers then i guess either skateboarding or drumming? i doubt a life of fame is really his Thing though

mitch is much more likely to be infamous with his telekinesis i think lol. i cant imagine him being a celebrity omg how about a reality show following him around and his stupid fucked up life yeah id watch that

26. What is their lover like sexually? How do they feel about their lover’s quirks, needs, etc?

(since this one is n/sfw im puttin it under read-more HAHA SWEATS…)

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superfanboy19  asked:

How would got7 react to their s/o wanting cuddles while they need to work?

Thank you again for the request my lovely, you’re the best✨

Okay so for this I’m going with like a dance practice where you’re at the JYP building and he’s working on a new dance and it’s just you two in the room

Mark //
At first he’d give you quick little cuddles, but getting back on with learning the new dance because he really does need to practice it so he get’s it right, but eventually he’d give in and have a break from practicing so he could snuggle up to you and catch his breath for a bit

Jaebum //
He’d probably be so moody with you trying to cuddle him because he’d be in work mode, but then if he saw you pouting about not cuddling with you he’d feel all guilty and come sit with you so you could cuddle for a bit, but then he’d shove you off after like five minutes of cuddling because it’s work time for Jaebum!

Jackson //
He would drop practice immediately and pick you up bridal style to hold you as close to him as possible, Jackson totally wants to learn this new dance, but he’s confident he’s almost got it and he’d much rather be cuddling up with you

Jinyoung //
This sass machine would not give you the time of day and would consistently keep you held at arm’s length by a single finger against your forehead as he lectured you on how he needs to practice, but once he finishes practicing in the time he set himself, he’d be all yours for hours of cuddling

Youngjae //
Would jump at the chance to stop practicing, especially if it means cuddling with you. You would have to be the one to stop the cuddles and to tell him to get back on with dance practice

BamBam //
When BamBam is dancing he ain’t letting nobody distract him, but when he sees the bottle flip you just did out the corner of his eye, he can’t help but stop and give you the biggest hug because he’s genuinely so proud of you. Him: “Okay but do it again so I can snapchat it to the guys”

Yugyeom //
This dancing machine finds a way to cuddle with your whilst dancing. Does this boy ever stop dancing? No, he’s doing it whilst you’re cuddling because “Y/N, you don’t get it, I can’t stop”