• Mr. Darcy:I had to see you.
  • Elizabeth:....
  • Mr. Darcy:Please end my agony.
  • Elizabeth:wut
  • Mr. Darcy:I love you. Marry me.
  • Elizabeth:...???
  • Mr. Darcy:I mean your family is gross and you're super poor and I'm already mostly engaged to someone else but you gotta. So I can stop FREAKING THE FUCK OUT.
  • Elizabeth:you're being a dick.
  • Mr. Darcy:Srsly though your parents are super embarrassing?
  • Elizabeth:I would rather marry my weird oversharing first cousin. And I already said I'd rather die than marry him.
  • Mr. Darcy:oh. So you were serious?

His face is just so sassy

#Get to know: Agent Red

decent (can be), attractive, open-minded, attentive, gifted, ambitious, honest, sympathetic, reasonable (sometimes), cheerful, chatty, generous, dreamy, clumsy, stressed-out, lacking in drive, violent, good-natured, spiteful, intelligent, clever, kind, affectionate, courageous, upfront, pessimistic, considerate, confident, likeable, understanding, anxious, childish, frantic, fierce, wasteful, directionless, sassy, sarcastic