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Have you done a top 5 Tanaka yet? I feel like he doesn't get enough attention. I don't even mean shipping etc, just he actually does a lot for his team mates on and off court but doesn't get the same recognition the others do!

Oh my dear, you’re so right! In the fandom it’s almost impossible to find a person who doesn’t love Tanaka, but at the same time there’s not so much content about him…let’s fix this! :D other than specific moments, this is gonna be a Top 5 reasons why everyone should love Tanaka (more)

1. Because he’s the most supportive. We see this since the very beginning, Tanaka woke up I don’t even know how early to let Hinata and Kageyama, people who he didn’t even know, practice together in the gym before the others got there. Or when he was ready to pay with his own money to get them to the training camp and literally begged his sisters to help him. No matter how hash his ways are sometimes, how much he yells, screams, gets frustrated over his underclassmen, he’s always the first to cheer for and with them, to motivate them and gets SO MAD when people start doubting themselves (*cough* Ennoshita *cough*). He would die in every way possible for them and this warms my heart so much. 

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2. Because he’s an adorable dork. His funny faces are legendary and he’s the character that makes me laugh the most. He’s so extra and dramatic about everything and his every appearance add at least 10 years to our life span

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 3. Because he’ll fight everyone for his team. He even teamed up with Tsukki to sass Yahaba and Kindaichi (iconic), he’s ready to get in a fight every time someone tries to get close to Kiyoko, he scolds his juniors every time they don’t respect Daichi or when they’re not supportive with each other…he’s that friend that if he hears someone talk shit about you he’ll literally scare them to the point of making them cry blood…that’s my boy, and I’m really proud 

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4. Because he has all the qualities of an ace. Let’s not forget that Tanaka is a regular in the Karasuno starting line and he’s a damn good spiker and the one who’s destined to take Asahi’s place on court. So he’s not only yells and funny faces, the boy truly is talented, powerful and fierce as fuck

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5. Because….he looks good with a banana. (I’m still so ??? about this moment but I’m not in the position to disagree)

Bottom line, the world needs more people like Tanaka Ryuunosuke and we all should love and appreciate his presence more, and more, and more. He’s so important :’) 

- Bonus: the Haiku, this sums him up really well. He really is the best senpai a kouhai could ask for <3

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Your selfies are always popping, but every time I remember that you aren't Edmund Pevensie I get real confused

i used to be natalie portman 

the only consistency is the amount of sass my icons exude