sass hits up the cons


Avengers Assemble!

With myself as FemHawkeye in the first, second, and sixth pictures and as Black Widow in the third, fourth, and fifth, Muffinshaveheartstoo as FemTony in all except the fourth picture, Foolishaffair as FemLoki (the one that’s in all of the photos), Trickster-Laufeyson as the muzzled Loki in the fourth, Zaataronpita as Fem(comic)Hawkeye in the third, and Retailavenger85 as FemCap in the third photo.

As always, if you see yourself and want credit just reblog this or let me know!


What’s the start of any good convention picture posting without the war spoils first?

Got these over the weekend - The top is an autographed picture of Clint and Natasha (as if you couldn’t tell), signed by both Jeremy and Scarlett. I can actually tell you a semi-funny story about that one.

Second is my Mass Effect 3 Collector’s Edition game case, which I got signed by Jennifer Hale (and she’s absolutely awesome!)

Third isn’t signed, just a cool picture of the Avengers that I snagged. 

Fourth is a photo of Cas I got autographed by Misha, who is just as hilarious and pretty in person as he is on screen. And it’s personalizeeeeeed~