sass 101


Sass 101: a masterclass by captain Sharon Raydor

Black Friday

List of fun lil things bout this child:

-He sometimes hides his extra arms in his shirt.

-He wears is hat to hide his extra eyes also, feeling uncomfortable to show them. (Unless you’re close to him or like him.)

-He tends to hug his hat when he’s shy, scared or lying.

-Sass/Salt machine 101

-Just as bad as his dad with tricks. Maybe worst.

-Don’t try to hug him or grab him, he’ll bite.

-Both Obedient and disobedient.

-Staring contest master (Don’t even try-)

-Nicknames: Blackie (hates that one though), Black F., Friday.

This is not an excuse to procrastinate on that Sansta ref I swear-

Bad Life Decisions Part 7


A/N: This chapter focuses on finishing the readers live story plot and goes into the depth of eher nonexistent relationship with her father, also known as Tony Stark.

Summery: Time to make things right.

Word count: 1786

Warnings: Swearing. Bucky is not at location of reader. Possibly worse, you have been warned.

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Master list

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“I did not expect this.” You muttered with an earpiece in your ear. You were wearing a dark red gown and a pair of black pumps however your purse was a small laptop which you used to use for quick hacking. “What’s wrong?” You heard Wanda speak in the intercom. The group were watching through the glasses you were wearing and were listening through an intercom. “Yeah didn’t expect the buyer to be fucking Tony Stark.” You grumbled.

“Oh damn.” Sam spoke.

“Well now I have like 20 different ideas how to make this interesting.”

“Y/N no.” T’Challa told you.

“Come on, look I didn’t really have a plan. Like I had a basic idea. Get the laptop, go back to their home base. Light it up.” You told them and heard groaning.

“That’s a terrible plan.” Responded Bucky.

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