Prompt: “You’re so clingy. I love it.“

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

A/N: I came across this prompt and felt like writing a random drabble.

“Ackles? What are you doing here?” Jared’s met with a surprise visitor at his front door, it’s his best friend Jensen and he’s grinning like a total idiot.

“Figured I’d just stop by to say hey. So…hey.” Jensen barely waits for his friend’s reaction before pushing past him to enter the beige colonial house.

“You’re so fucking transparent.” Jared declares striding fast into the living room. He plops down onto his lazy boy and waits for the inevitable question.

“You’re…alone?” Jensen scrunches his nose while examining the area, he’s trying to find any kind of evidence proving that you’re there.

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Hello my lovely poopsies! 

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And who should I be thanking for this glorious moment? YOU GUYS OF COURSE! In all seriousness though, I wanna thank (and hug) each and every one of my followers. Obviously, I wouldn’t have 900 followers if it weren’t for you. And I know there are also blogs who still follow me even though I’ve DRASTICALLY switched fandoms which still surprises me. Y'all are probably like “dafuck is this yaoi doing on my dashboard.” And let me just say thanks for sticking through it. 

Now to celebrate this wondrous moment I’ve decided to do a follow forever (obviously. Faye, why you so stupid) So, without further ado, I present to you the blogs that have kept my dashboard going and kept me from going insane from boredom. xoxo


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