Now I’d like to start off with a little personal perspective, I like Bigfoot, I really do, he’s what got me into cryptozoology, but the lack of credible evidence sadly leads me to a conclusion of his existence being less than truthful. One of the main problems, and I know I’ve brought this up on this blog multiple times is if evidence is brought forward, especially by cryptozoologist they haven’t gone through proper scientific methods in collecting evidence so it comes up as not credible, or unknown, “unknowns” in DNA doesn’t mean that there is a signature that isn’t know to science in it, it means that the DNA is either so broken it’s unreadable or its so contaminated that it’s muddy so the signature is unknown. What you’d like to see, especially if you go the route of gigantopithecus is something that is close to orangoutang but not necisarnaly orangoutang because of they’re close ancestors.

“Absolutely, I mean it’s important to realize that there’s no shortage of Bigfoot evidence. The problem is of course that it’s not good evidence. So you know the history of Bigfoot evidence is very closely parallel to the history of hoaxes, everything from; you’ve got carpet fibers being passed off as a Bigfoot hair, and transmission fluid being passed off as Bigfoot blood, and you know, take your pick. So, you know maybe one day we’ll actually get some good DNA evidence. I hope that’ll come up at some point.” - Ben Radford, Writer for Skeptical Inquirer Magazine, Monstertalk Episode one, Bigfoot DNA.

As Mr. Radford states in this quote there is absolutely no lack of evidence it’s that the evidence isn’t good, I believe if we as a cryptozoology community can start following more scientific practices and scientific thinking we can start getting the evidence and lay this mystery to bed. I’d love for Bigfoot to exist, I really would, but we have no evidence to support so, the absence of evidence isn’t the evidence of absence so perhaps we’ll never know until we have no more forest or cameras everywhere but we still need to search for the scientific truths. In my home state of Georgia just a few years ago, two men claimed they had a Bigfoot body, frozen in the freezer, it was on the news. Alas the whole thing was a hoax, the body a suit, the organs, another animals. This hurts a lot of legitimacy cryptozoologist because the hoaxes make people believe that’s all Bigfoot is, maybe Bigfoot is out there, maybe not, but we need to collect evidence scientifically if we’re ever to find out.

Photo: A 2007 photo of an unidentified animal the Bigfoot Research Organization claims is a “juvenile Sasquatch” also known as the “Jacobs Photos”.