I wanted to continue my cryptid greeting card series because I’m headed to TCAF and VanCAF next month, and it seemed like a good idea to finish the Canadian cryptic card before then! I’m really into Canadian cryptids. I mean, I generally like Canadians, and their cryptids aren’t a exception.

Obviously not a comprehensive list - it’s basically just 5 of my faves from each region.

Mapping 92 Years of Bigfoot Sightings

“On the hunt for Bigfoot?  Josh Stevens, a PhD candidate in Geography at Penn State, has stumbled across a treasure trove of Bigfoot sightings.  Stevens discovered that the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization has catalogued Bigfoot/Sasquatch sightings in the United States and Canada stretching back to 1921.

The database hosted by BFRO contains thousands of geocoded and timestamped logs describing sightings of the mythical beast.  Stevens consolidated a total of 3,313 sightings from 1921 to 2013.  He then mapped and graphed out the sightings to look for patterns.”

Via GISLounge

So About the Bigfoot Post...

Danny and I were setting up camp in the snow near the town of West Yellowstone in Idaho’s Gellatin National Forest when I suddenly heard a far-off guttural scream. It wasn’t just any scream - it sounded angry, feral, and incredibly loud. What ever had made it was unlike anything I’ve ever heard in the woods before. 

I told Danny to stop moving and listen with me. Shortly, the roar-like scream echoed out from the trees again. It was further away this time, but now I could hear it so clearly, and could pick up on all the tiny details I’d missed when I’d first heard it. 

The tone of the scream was the same as before. It was if whatever was making the sounds wanted anyone and everyone within a ten-mile radius to hear it. This was created by something big, and, judging by the nature of the sounds, incredibly pissed-off. 

We heard the roar-screams call-blasted through the woods another four times, slightly further away each time. Danny was concerned, as was I, but neither of us made the suggestion to move camp. I loaded my .22 and slept with the bear mace right by my side, though. 

When we got back to base, I scoured the internet for anything I could that would make a similar call. The only thing even remotely close came from - you guessed it - a bigfoot report website. THIS IS WHAT we heard echoing through the Idaho woods outside of West Yellowstone. The recording was made in 1993 in the Klamath area of California.