Anatomy of a Sasquatch

For centuries, human beings have reported having encounters with giant man-like ape creatures within the forests of North America. They have been called hundreds of different names throughout history and have been seen in many different locations; dense woodland forests, high up in the mountains, and low within the swamps. Many of these encounters can easily be written off as hoaxes made by people looking for their fifteen minutes of fame, others though cannot as easily be written off. One of the many factors that makes a lot of these encounters and sightings credible is that a large majority of witnesses describe the creatures as possessing the same features. The witnesses reside all over the world, sometimes hundreds of miles from another witness who has had their own encounter (thus minimizing the possibility of a hoax between the two parties). Over time, researchers have collected and documented these features and built a base model of the creature known as Sasquatch.

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization compiled the common shared description of the creatures into a list that we have shared below.


  • Skin color ranges from the deepest black or charcoal to deep brown, “sunburned” reddish brown, and gray. Some areas, like the nose, appear at times in a shiny, oily black color. The palms are lighter in color, and the soles of the feet quite light, presumably as a result of thick sole pads composed, as in other primates, of fat and connective tissue. A few albino Sasquatch have been seen, whose skin color was pink.


  • The Sasquatch is covered with hair, not fur. Fur has guard hairs and an undercoat, while primate hair consists of one type of hair alone. The Sasquatch, being a primate, does not molt its hair, but it is replaced one hair at a time, hence is not found in wooly batches. 
  • The body can have various patches of different colored hair. Older animals have increasingly grey hair, though color does not appear to change from childhood to adulthood. Hair is variously glossy clean and shiny, fluffy, or dirty, matted and unkempt, probably a function of native curliness, age, or of recent immersion in water or lack thereof. Females have been reported to be cleaner than males.
  • Hair length ranges from 3" to around 2’ (15" longest measured in hand, longer observed in the wild). Long hair covers the head and, almost invariably, the ears; very short hair on the face; occasional reports of heavy hairiness in male faces (“mustache” and “beard”) vs. no facial hair in females; long hair across the top of the shoulders; long hair on the forearms; different orientations of hair on back; breasts on females are hair covered; long hair on buttocks, sometimes overhanging them; groin is covered with enough hair to obscure genitalia; and long hair on the calves. 


  • About 10-15% of close encounters are connected with an intense, disagreeable stench, comparable to the odor of rotten meat. Gorillas, under conditions of distress, exude a gag inducing and overpowering aroma, the origin of which is the axillary organ (i.e., the armpit with its apocrine sweat glands). The same anatomy might also pertain to the Sasquatch. 

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How to Evaluate Bigfoot Video

I look first at if the person says who they are who did it and the situation in which it was done, how much of the film were allowed to see, and how much the photographer seems to know where the BF will arrive from?

I appreciate Fred Kanney’s videos because he is right there in the video, many times a week, walking the woods and sharing knowledge, sometimes zooming in on possible Sasquatch and other times not realizing he filmed one until he got home and reviewed. This is the most common thing. Almost never do people see the Bigfoot as they are filming. They are filming in the woods, panning back and forth, and later zoom in and see what was there as they filmed. Fred also makes himself accessible to discuss what he found and you know the context in which it was filmed.



A photograph making the rounds (11 August 2015) is purported to be a werewolf caught by a security camera in Ceilândia, a city in east central Brazil. The creature was allegedly seen by numerous witnesses and the picture was accompanied with a warning to be careful because it might be a werewolf. Is it?

Brazil is one of the South American countries known for believing that a human can become a “lobismem” or werewolf if he’s the 7th male child of the same father and mother. Some believe the change takes place when the boy turns 13. Variations have this happening on a Friday during Lent or on a Friday the 13th during a full moon and only for two hours from midnight to 2 a.m.

Since this is not Lent and there hasn’t been a Friday the 13th lately, the creature is probably not a 13-year-old going through one weird puberty. But that doesn’t mean Brazilians don’t believe it could still be werewolf. Earlier this year in April, another picture appeared on the Internet showing what some believed to the body of a werewolf, Sasquatch or dogman found in northeast Brazil (2nd photo).

The body allegedly disappeared quickly before any analysis could be performed and no further news was reported, causing some to suspect a cover-up.



Sasquatch Caught Peeking Through a Window.

This video, which was captured in August 2015, shows a dark figure believed to be a Sasquatch peeking through someone’s window. The person who captured the video explains that every year, the fruit growing on their apple and pear trees mysterious vanishes over night. Not only that, but the birdseed feeder would also disappear as well.

Wanting to get to the bottom on the mystery, the homeowner decided to set up a camera by the window in hopes of catching the annual thief in action. Thinking the culprit was something along the lines of a Raccoon, the homeowner would later be shocked when they discovered just what had been captured on film.

A dark, hair creature could be seen peeking through the homeowner’s window. The creature can be seen looking around the room, almost as if it’s making sure nobody is around. The creature eventually walks away from the window, never to be seen again.

Some people believe the footage is genuine, and even hail it as one of the best Bigfoot videos captured to date. Others are skeptical, believing the figure to be a person in a costume.

Personally, I have to agree that this looks a lot like a person in a costume. The fact that the creature has no discernible facial features other than it’s eyes is a bit strange. That being said, I’m only going off of my gut feeling, and in no way can I definitively prove this was indeed a costumed person.

I’m interested to hear your thoughts on this footage. Do you think this homeowner captured video of an actual Sasquatch? Or was the creature simply a person dressed in a costume?


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I’m bored, so here’s the final piece of pitch art from my recent Roz Wells + The Vortex series pitch.

As promised, I’ll explain a bit more about the premise:

The show takes place in Crystal Canyon, a southwest desert town filled with epic red rock formations (think Sedona, AZ). Much like the real Sedona, AZ, this one is populated with eccentric hippies and new-age types who moved out there to take advantage of a natural “energy vortex” in the land.

This is essentially modern day earth, but in a “post-disclosure” world. A very well worded internet petition convinced the government to spill the beans on everything - there were grays living in subterranean hives before humans ever showed up, and sasquatch were living in secluded forest communities. Plus, Atlantis was real, and blue haired, crystal-loving survivors were still living in scattered corners of the world.

Now all that stuff is old news - no one cares nor is shocked about it - and a good chunk of those grays, sasquatch and Atlanteans have moved to Crystal Canyon where the local hippy weirdos won’t judge them.

Roz, the human kid protagonist, is just on the cusp of adolescence and is feeling that universal need to rebel against the status quo. It turns out it’s really difficult to do that in a place as weird and accepting as Crystal Canyon. She forms a band with fellow outcasts Dee (a sasquatch who’s more junk-food loving hedonist than peaceful nature person) and Umma (a defective gray clone, more individualistic than her hive-minded peers, unable to sync up to her fellow grays’ telepathic network) in order to shake things up in town.

They attend Crystal Canyon Junior High, which has a non-competetive yoga squad in place of a football team at the height of its social hierarchy. It features such odd teachers as an Atlantean science teacher whose explanation for everything is crystals, and a gray history teacher who insists students memorize millions of years worth of gray history.

That’s probably more than enough information for now. If you read all of that, congratulations! Reblog this baby if you’d wanna watch this!

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