saskatoon concert

“Thank you so much for still believing in the power of rock and roll music. ‘Cause right now is a very scary stage in the music world; I don’t want to talk shit on bands, but you know exactly what I’m talking about. Keep your motivation pure, support your local fucking clubs, support your local fucking rock bands. And help keep rock music alive. Because if I hear one more fucking synthesizer, I’m going to shoot myself in the fucking face!”


So I’m finally doing the thing I’ve wanted to do since I started making comics eight years ago.

I’m quitting my job and I’m chasing the dream of doing comics, music and creative work full-time. Thursday’s my last day, and I have a lot of conflicting emotions right now.

I’m thrilled to be setting out to do the thing that I legitimately feel like I was put on this planet to do: make people laugh, and sometimes think.

I’m sad to be leaving the charity I work for after four years of creative, fulfilling, meaningful work with some of the most talented and generous humans I know.

I’m ecstatic to reclaiming my nights and some weekends to spend time with people who matter to me.

I’m nervous to be leaving the structure and stability of a paycheque for the untamed wilds of Figure It Out Yourself. So much could go wrong.

I’m stoked to be hitting the road and going new places for conventions and, hopefully, concerts. Saskatoon Expo is back in my rotation. I’m even hitting up New York and Winnipeg for the first time!

I’m terrified by the prospect of failure. I have a wedding to save for and an old dog to take care of and I’m doing something risky and ill-advised here.

I’m grateful to my fiancee, whose hand I will be gripping very tightly on the upcoming rollercoaster.

I’m grateful for everyone who reached out to me when I had a breakdown in May. You encouraged me to slow down, to take care of myself and to keep believing that some day I’d get to chase the dream.

I’m grateful for every person who’s helped me get to the point that I can take this risk with a shot at success.

I’m trying to think of this as a soft run. I have 3 months of runway saved up, and even if things go well, I’ll probably need to return to the fold in January to start saving for other life stuff.

But the thing I have been realizing more and more is that the selfish life where I do creative work full-time is also the one where I get to put the most happiness and positivity into the world. There’s never going to be a good time to walk away from job security. The universe is never going to send me a sign that now I should do this totally inadvisable thing. No one is going to make my mistakes for me.

I just have to make those mistakes the best way I know how.


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Hi my name is Alexis and i wanted to tell my story about meeting bands. I have never met a band but i did go to a Black Veil Brides concert in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. when my dad told me i was going i had a mental breakdown i was crying of excitement and joy my thoughts were “are you fucking with me or am i actually going ” haha i love BVB they make me laugh happy when im down and that concert will Stick with me forever. Andy Biersack is my idol because i am diagnosed with serious depression and anxiety and i was cutting for the longest time and still am anyways when u interviewed him and he said “life gives you enough scars you don’t need to manufacture them on your on body” i was really thinking of what he said and he’s ture life does give you enough scars and i don’t need to make them visible on my body. After he said that i stoped cutting for a few months :) but i got back to cutting. Anyways enough of that umm the BVB concerts, when we got there i was trying to keep my cool so was my my best friend Tavya whan the concert start my made sure to be at the front went they perform so we get to the front and have a BLAST! I touched Jinx and Jake’s hand and i literally die i die lol and after the concert  i had my anxiety attack it was the worst one yet but i kept pushing myself to Relax and eventually i did :)