Mid-range estate pipe: "Family Era" Sasieni Four Dot CANTERBURY Poker, Natural

One thing I like about this type of pipe: you do not need a pipe holder and can put them down on the table without the damn thing rolling to the side and spilling ashes and embers all over the place… ;-)

Apart from that: check out seller’s description below – it seems to be a nice catch and worth a bid! Currently stands at about 70 bucks.

You can find this offer and other Sasieni pipes on our…

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Looking over a new eBay estate pipe purchase while enjoying a #cigar
#estatepipe #todayssmoke #sasieni

There are few things more offensive than reheated Folgers.

Puffing on an 8 mo. old tin of Royal Yacht and following it with a bit of My Mixture 965 makes it okay though. Sasieni’s doing double duty; Windsor rusticated and Four Dot rusticated respectively.

It’s a nice day, if not slightly breezy.