If you suspect abuse, it’s important to act quickly to stop it. An effective parental response involves the following steps:
  • First, bring all children involved into a problem-solving process. Get enough fact and feeling information to assess the problem accurately.
  • Restate the problem to make sure you understand it clearly.
  • Help children to arrive at a child-set goal. (Goals set by parents often become rules that children will not follow.)
  • Figure out alternative solutions to the problem.
  • Work together to set up a contract which states the rights and responsibilities of each child. Specify appropriate ways of acting and consequences should abusive behavior occur in the future.
  • You can take steps to prevent sibling abuse. minimize the violence they see (and might emulate by monitoring what your children watch on TV. Reward sensitive, positive behavior among brothers and sisters. Most importantly, make it a point to be a model of positive and esteem-building behavior.

-Sibling Abuse Survivors’ Information and Advocacy Network