Michelle: Again, you’re here.

Sasha: Wow, those razor sharp observation skills. Do the CIA know they missed out on you?

Michelle: Who says I’m not CIA? This could be my cover. Small-town, small-time, the ballet is a cover for all the Krav Maga I’ll do when I kill my target next month.

Sasha: But now you’ve told me, you’ll have to kill me, right?

Michelle: Eh, you’re young, it seems harsh. Can I buy your silence? 

Sasha: With what? A gold sparkly thong?

Michelle: It might be real gold, for all you know. My last op, in Vegas, was a big success. That’s why they sent me here.

Sasha: What if I’m the target?

Michelle: You selling state secrets to Bolivia?

Sasha: I might be. I feel like I’d be doing something… sexier though, you know? 

Michelle: You think you’re a real Bond girl, huh?

Sasha: I’ve got the legs for it.

Michelle: But Bond girls don’t get caught sneaking into the studio at midnight.

Sasha: Maybe I wanted you to catch me.

Michelle: It could have been Fanny who caught you. If you and Roman want to sneak around, don’t you have an apartment for that?

Sasha: We broke up. 

Michelle: Listen, you want ice cream and breakup movies, I’m usually your gal… but I just had this disaster of a date, and I need to go to bed.

Sasha: Bed sounds good.

Michelle: You’re… not? 

Sasha: Oh no, I totally am. You should pay more attention.

Michelle: Listen, Sasha, I’m flattered…

Sasha: You know, boys might be dumb? But a guy would have kissed me by now.

Michelle: You certainly got close… enough, for that.

Sasha: And I brushed my teeth real good before I came. What are you waiting for?

Michelle: I’m willing to bet this bravado disappears the moment I do.

Sasha: Only one way to find out.

Dragons! No one takes them!

I need more Bunheads friends so I’m posting this instead of keeping my thoughts to myself and twitter.

  • I love the pants off of Sasha. I totally get her and think she’s adorable. Girl just needs some hugs.
  • I can’t decide whether I ship Michelle more with Fanny or Sasha. They’re all practically married and its so so wonderful.
  • Ginny and Boo are both being dumb. (And sorry, fandom, I can totally buy Sasha as a lesbian but Boo won’t ever do more than experiment. She likes dudes.)
  • I wish Michelle would be a little nicer to Truly. And hell, everyone be a little nicer to everyone.

Michelle: Seriously, who paid for all this?

Sasha: My parents; they feel guilty. And then they started competing. All it takes to make them open their checkbooks is to promise they don’t have to live with me anymore.

Michelle: Hey, I’m sure that’s not tr–

Sasha: Do you like the barre? You didn’t really say if you like it.

Michelle: I think it’s great. That you’re taking ballet seriously. If you can crack the discipline thing, you’ll go way further than I ever did.

Sasha: Wow, further than Vegas? Lucky me.

Michelle: You know, if I wanted cheap shots taken at me, I could go hang out with my own mother. 

Sasha: That sounds really sad. Shall I make some popcorn and you can tell me the whole Lifetime-movie story?

Michelle: Annnd goodnight.

Sasha: Wait! I’m only going to show up at your place anyway, so can you stick around a little longer?

Michelle: That probably has to stop.

Sasha: Hey, this is my place, and I have a barre. That makes me the ballet teacher.

Michelle: Pretty sure that’s not how it works–

Sasha: Positions, please. 

Michelle: You’ve got to be kidding me.

Sasha: (stares)

Michelle: Oh for the love of… did anyone ever tell you that your mind control powers are a little freaky? I mean, I’m not saying you’re full-on like the guys from Scanners, but–hey, I know how to put my own hand on the damn barre…

Sasha: I was moving things along. And demi-plié.

Michelle: You’re surprisingly close.

Sasha: Your movements are sloppy. Again.

Michelle: I’m not warmed up.

Sasha: Excuses. How are you going to teach me if you cut these corners, hmm?

Michelle: Please don’t ever teach children.

Sasha: Not even ours?

Michelle: Especially not ours. They already have to live with us, once we get married. It would be cruel. Uh, this barre ain’t big enough for both of us.

Sasha: We’ll just have to work closely then, won’t we?

Michelle: Jesus, that’s–

Sasha: Okay, right?

Michelle: You know, it really shouldn’t be. It isn’t. I mean…

Sasha: Not like I’m going to tell.

Michelle: I can’t–

Sasha: Would you rather be with Godot? 

Michelle: No. I mean, maybe. Oh, come on, that is not fair. Who told you I like that?

Sasha: You talk in your sleep. A lot. Good instructions, by the way.

Michelle: (whimpers)

Sasha: Get behind me. I want to watch what you’re doing.

Michelle: Sasha, I really–

Sasha: There. The damage is done. Now keep touching.

Red Light, Green Light (1/1)

Written by: fayanaismyotp

Pairing: Michelle/Sasha, PLATONIC.

Fandom: Bunheads

Word count: 3,409

Genres: Family/Angst, Hurt/Comfort

Rated: T, for some swearing and mentions of physical abuse.

Summary: “I don’t want you to leave.” The whispered words left her pale, pink lips in a tremor. Sasha tries to convince Michelle to stay, one last time. Post 1x10.

A/N: You can also read it HERE (x)

Sasha felt her eyes sting as she saw Michelle exit the hospital; not just from the leftover results of the pepper spray that the latter had sprayed into all of the girls’ eyes, but also from fresh tears that slowly crept their way in hers. The one person she was beginning to depend on more than anyone was leaving. It wasn’t Michelle’s fault, though; Sasha knew that. It was that brat’s fault (she still didn’t know the Ringer’s name). Because of that bitch, Michelle was leaving. She was being chased away by a bunch of angry adults for something she hadn’t even done. And that made Sasha more furious than anything.

The shorter brunette had been the first to take a stand for Michelle, upon seeing her exit with the angry mob behind her. She’d looked her right in the eye, meeting those sad, brown, soulful eyes, and spoken loudly and proudly, “Oh captain, my captain.” What had surprised her was how quickly all the other ballet students had followed her lead. They stood behind Sasha, repeating and chanting what she had, wanting for Michelle to stay almost as much. It had sent a thrill rushing down Sasha’s spine. She’d had hope that maybe, just maybe, they could, all together, convince the new ballet teacher to stay.

Sasha didn’t want Michelle to leave. At all.

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SHAME ON ME; + [listen] » a fanmix dedicated to sasha and michelle from abc family’s ‘bunheads’ (both romantically and platonically). 

1. i knew you were trouble - taylor swift // 2. crawl (carry me through) - superchick // 3. falling in - lifehouse // 4. give me love - ed sheeran // 5. i won’t - colbie caillat // 6. something more - secondhand serenade // 7. never let me go - florence + the machine // 8. safe and sound - taylor swift ft. the civil wars