Question game: I was tagged by myster-of-the-cake-topper.

Rule 1: always post the rules.
Rule 2: answer the questions the person who tagged you has written and write 11 new ones.
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my questions:

1.) Favourite food.

Good questions. As in: I don’t know; I like a lot of food. For today we will go with… sushi. I <3 unagi.

2.) Most favourite and least favourite subject in high school.

Fave: Art, lol. Least fave: PE, except the indoor hockey section; that was fun. For the most part though, I didn’t dread subjects so much as teachers.

3.) Country you really want to visit.

Japan, but only with other people because I do not speak Japanese, and I’m terrified of strangers.

4.) Which computer program you wish you would master? Why?

I want to be the very best like no one ever was at photoshop. Because art.

5.) Are you interested in politics of your country?

Sort of? I’m invested in certain issues, but I don’t follow ALL politics super closely.

6.) Do you read manga or watch anime?

Yes~ Not simultaneously though; that’d be difficult.

7.) Your dream job.

I dream to be a writer. c:

8.) You have the chance to make one of your NON-canon ships official canon ship. Which one and why?

Most of my OTPs are non-canon, I realize now. But I still think I’d choose Kurtofsky. It’s the only ship I’ve ever really had to fight to defend, so it’s special to me in a way ships like Sterek literally can’t be because of their popularity.

9.) Do you play any music instruments?

I have played guitar, but it’s been a long time, and I don’t know if I even remember anything.

10.) Favourite writer?

Why with the obsession with favorites, huh? Like it’s just hard to choose only one of something when there’s so much greatness in the world. But I’m going to say Brandon Sanderson.

11.) You can change your life for one day with anyone famous (celebrity, politician, scientist, etc…). Who would it be and what would you do during this day?

Um. No? Am I allowed to choose no? Obvs I don’t know these famous peeps, and idk if my actions would have lasting consequences, but either way it seems really invasive and wrong to just like force them to switch lives with me for a day?

If my refusal fails I want to be someone like God or Santa Claus. They are famous, okay. I wouldn’t do anything. Just like hang out and be God or Santa for a day.


1) What would be the ultimate bumper sticker? (Optional: answer this with visual representation instead of description.)

2) What is the most important thing currently within your arms’ reach? (…computers don’t count because otherwise you’d all say them okay)

3) If you could choose a single thing to have me read/watch/experience, what would it be? (Disclaimer: I may or may not read/watch/experience these.)

4) How do you explain your life to people who don’t spend all day on tumblr or in fandom?

5) What is the coolest useless super power you can think of?

6) What would you do if you had the super power you describe in question 5?

7) What is your name?

8) What is your quest?

9) What is your favorite color?

10) Did you think I was going to mention swallows?

11) What do you want?


  • always post the rules
  • answer the questions from the person who tagged you
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  1. Do you believe in evil? Can people be evil? Yes, maybe I read too much fantasy, but I do. Not as an omnipresent dark force so much as just the parts of life that are harmful and the parts of people that are malicious. I don’t think people are ever going to be completely evil, but they can definitely do evil things and have evil motives.
  2. Do you judge others? How?
    Yes again. Um, quietly most of the time. Even if I’m sitting there thinking, “This idiot needs to learn to drive,” I’m also thinking, “But what if they’re in a hurry because they just got a call their child is hurt or something,” so I mostly don’t say anything unless I’m both judging and angry. (Sometimes I’m get angry…)
  3. If you could meet any world leader, who would it be and why?
    I don’t know! I just feel like I wouldn’t have anything worth saying to them, or if I did, I wouldn’t think of it until later. Maybe someone like the Dalai Lama because then it would be more important for me to listen to what they say than to say anything myself.
  4. What’s your favorite physical display of affection?
    Hugs~ (Or like when you have two shy friends and all we no is silently nod to each other every day; it’s like being in a secret club.)
  5. How do you show affection among friends? When I speak to them instead of sitting quietly in my own corner being afraid to speak to them?
  6. When was the last time you cried? I don’t remember I’m sorry!
  7. Do you get so into reading that you must repeat your favorite parts or laugh out loud? Yes. I’ve had people at work comment on my expressions while I’m reading, and I’ll just sit there like, “I had no idea I was emoting.”
  8. What was the last compliment you got that made you giddy or floaty /flush all over/ feel the best you could be?
    I don’t remember this either! Um. I get really excited when people compliment my writing or tell me I’m funny?
  9. What mythical creature would you want to be and why?
    Dragon because I love dragons. They’re awesome.
  10. What’s your favorite magic trick?
    Um. Expelliarmus?
  11. How do you feel about clowns? The circus? Ever been? I think we went once. I am not bothered by clowns, but I don’t particularly like them either.


1. If you already had enough money that you never had to work, would you still want a job? What would you do?

2. What helps you sleep?

3. What is the best memory you have from being in fandom/ on tumblr?

4. What are you good at?

5. How do you feel right now?

6. If you could ask any one thing of me(rinzi), what would it be?

7. Which kind of character do you usually end up choosing for your favorite? (Example: I like the funny guy. Can’t help it. I just do. He also usually dies. Poor funny guy. Funny guy who dies. Now who do you like?)

8. Why is it so difficult to think up questions to ask people?

9. Please can you explain something to me? Anything you like. Just explain it.

10. Do you want to build a snowman?

11. If you had to choose one established fictional world (meaning one someone has already made up) that you can live the rest of your life in, which one would you choose?