The story of fluffy Captain Renard and my birthday!

It all started when I told my best friend that I love the TV show “Grimm” in September 2013 and that my favourite characters are Nick and Captain Renard.

As she gave me a cute fluffy Loki felt-puppet for Christmas last year I asked if she will make me a Nick and a Sean felt-puppet for my birthday. (here is the story of the Loki doll:
She agreed to that and I was very excited about it and couldn’t wait to see them.

Then my birthday came and I got both, Nick and Sean as an absolutely adorable cute little felt-puppet. She, chaosndisaster, is such an artist and amazing in creating cute puppets! :)

In the evening I thought I could show David and Sasha what I got for my birthday so I tweeted both of them a photo of the puppets.

I got a lot of replies on the Sean Renard doll and went to bed as it was in the middle of the night.

On the next morning I went to work and checked my facebook on the way and got a notification of the official fanpage of Sasha Roiz that the admin posted a screenshot of my tweet because he/she found it adorable.

That was the first time of the day where I thought “WTF?”

the day went by and after work I met with a friend for a coffee and at the moment when I sat down and put my phone on the table I got a notification from twitter:

That was the second time of the day where I thought “WTF?”.
I almost fell off my chair… because…look how nice he replied…

I was so happy about that reply and I never ever expected him to react to that tweet!

that was the best birthday wish I’ve ever got!!! :)

and that’s the story behind the felt puppet my best friend made me for my birthday! :)
Thank you for reading!