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Do you have any Sasha + Annie brotp headcanons?

Listen…this BrOTP is so underrated

– and I think it’s because, the fandom as a whole, we usually depict Annie as either a) being close with Reiner and Bertholdt, b) being close with the Shiganshina Trio, or c) by her lonesome. As for Sasha, we most commonly associate her with Connie and Jean, and we’ve also seen her with Historia and Ymir on a few occasions. I can also safely assume that Mikasa is Sasha’s closest female companion in the series.

However, since I actively enforce the idea of Mikasa and Historia as platonic soulmates, and I’m all about female friendships, you bet I have some headcanons!

  • Sasha will always be willing to share her food with friends who have the sads and Annie is no different. Annie doesn’t eat much (but she eats enough), and Sasha is always able to spot out a person who doesn’t eat – or is eating less for some reason. Sometimes she might offter the quiet girl a piece of her meat, or leave a small ration of bread on her plate before she leaves. Sometimes Annie doesn’t eat it.
    • Sometimes she does.
  • Annie doesn’t know why Sasha continues to be nice to her, even after she comes out of the crystal, and she knows she doesn’t deserve it.
  • There was a moment where Sasha, choosing Annie over authority, threatened to shoot (her arrow at) any MP soldier where they stood if they tried to take Annie away from the SC. And surprisingly, no one tested her patience.
  • Sasha gets excited every time she’s able to crack a smile or giggle out of Annie.
  • If you insult Sasha and her importance, Annie will know about it. And you’ll probably go mysteriously missing.
  • Sasha encouraged Annie and Mikasa to try to mend their fractured relationship; at least, enough to be civil and work together.
  • Annie compliments Sasha on her archery skill one day while watching her.
  • When it comes to crushes, Sasha will not stop giving Annie knowing and smug looks, which causes Annie to glare at her and turn crimson.
  • While in her titan form, Annie is gentle with Sasha while carrying her. When Sasha isn’t cradled carefully in her hands, she’s riding on her shoulder into battle, bow and arrow raised and at the ready.
    • She’s fallen off a couple of times though.
    • Almost gave Annie a heart attack because she cares.