we speak loudly because we are passionate
from time to time you may catch our hands move
the strength in our voice does not diminish the beauty  
side by side with the reality of life - our actions give proof 
like tidal waves of power
our energy holds truth.

we are those women,
following the lineage of queens 
we are all mirror 
she them they i her 
told you. 

a portrait of queens d.light from muse : Queens D.Light portrait series  
© sashakelley. , 2012 | SASHAKELLEY.COM//

Series of photos and collaboration with the Photographer: Sasha Kelley

Sasha Kelley x Dani Vicc (Art by DeLa)

This conceptual piece has evolved into a timeless statement: Archetypes and beliefs, ideas, and images of God are needed for society, community and culture to survive and thrive. With this statement in mind, Sasha and I named this series, ‘The Rights of Passage.’ This is a collaboration; Sasha photographs and captures, and I, Danielle Keenan aka DeLa, design and style personalized adornments for each muse.

Our goal is to bare witness and capture a moment in history happening right now in America, in Oakland, CA, where black, brown and women of color are transforming into their own archetypes. Capturing this raw, bare, nude state became something sacred and precious.

Right now this series features woman and the diaspora. While capturing the beauty of the diaspora a lot of effort was made to ensure we were not appropriating any cultures whether the women strongly identified and knew their heritage or not.

We made sure to ask the women plenty of questions. Some women answered the questions with ease, while had to dig deep. Some woman identified and had knowledge, beliefs systems, and knew their history, their blood line, whereas others knew very little.

whenever i pull out the camera the girls in my class act rough
stretching their faces, hiding behind hands
attempting to cause distance in the moment
either way,

young lady, i c u.
  © sashakelley. , 2012 | HTTP://SASHAKELLEY.COM/